it does a body good

when my kids ask for yarn,

i give it to them (along with some adult supervision)

and i try not to lead or censor, i just watch and see what they’ll do.

our last ‘yarn day’ (because

once i give them a little, they want more and more…sound familiar?)

looked partly like this:

IMG_3558shade‘hey mama, i knit myself!’

IMG_3559rota‘psst, let’s scare mama…hey mama, can you come upstairs for a minute?’

IMG_3569crop‘shh, please.  i’m fishing for a kitten.’

(i only tell you what they tell me.)

fyi: we don’t have a kitten, because papa & i said ‘no’.

IMG_3570cropdeveloping the urge to save some for later (aka: stashing).

eventually, i sent them outside,

yarn in hand.

wanna guess what they did?

they built a ‘laser field’ worthy of a good spy movie

about 2 feet high that covers most of the back yard.

IMG_3749shadeyup, and they involved a young neighbor in the outdoor construction,

so now there’s probably a mom nearby who

can’t figure out why her kid

keeps asking

for yarn.


‘outside’ taken from 10:29 in matthew.