clue #2

it has become very, very clear

that the talent oozing out the the fingers of the mystery bag kal participants

extends to oh so much more than knitting.

they showered me with these tasty morsels monday night:

Thinking, Thinking
But Not Tinking;
Better Knitting
Right, Not Wrong.

Purling, Casting
Sometimes Fasting;
Just to Finish
This Knit Along

Our hands lay dormant
Itching for inspiration
Your post holds the key

“what to do”??
How ‘bout a clue??

Layin’ it on thick
certainly does the trick!

Clue #2 is now posted
Although, a bit toasted!


She made us sit and cable
Far more than I was able,
Yet practice made it faster,
And now I’m on the laster
of the braided cables strips.
Don’t need too many tips,
Just wanna get new hint
And then I’ll be content!

i laughed.  i smiled.  then i went ahead and released the clue early.

after all, that’s what knitting friends are for.  right?

“finish’ taken from 8:11 of 2nd corinthians

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  1. I love the poems my fellow cable knitters have made!!! I’m too busy working on that loooooong cable bit to think up a poem! 🙂

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