the amazing adventures of braided cable #2

Cable #2 has been to two Wisconsin State parks,

a mother’s day brunch at a fancy restaurant,

and rode 150 miles in the car this weekend.

Cable #2 has learned the piano and the harp vicariously

by listening to 2 weeks of Ranwenharp teaching lessons.

Cable #2 moonlights as a wrist cushion when using a Braille machine.

When it was younger,

it worked part-time as a bookmark,

but soon grew too big for it’s britches and got the boot.

Cable #2 is having a love affair with the smallest cable needle in the bag.

(Please don’t tell the other cable needles

– they’d feel so rejected.)

Cable #2 is a fan of Don Knotts movies and the X-Files…

to all the ‘quench’ mystery bag kal gals,

how’s your second cable doing these days?

poem by sunny link.

‘listening’ taken from 25:12 in proverbs.

clue #2

it has become very, very clear

that the talent oozing out the the fingers of the mystery bag kal participants

extends to oh so much more than knitting.

they showered me with these tasty morsels monday night:

Thinking, Thinking
But Not Tinking;
Better Knitting
Right, Not Wrong.

Purling, Casting
Sometimes Fasting;
Just to Finish
This Knit Along

Our hands lay dormant
Itching for inspiration
Your post holds the key

“what to do”??
How ‘bout a clue??

Layin’ it on thick
certainly does the trick!

Clue #2 is now posted
Although, a bit toasted!


She made us sit and cable
Far more than I was able,
Yet practice made it faster,
And now I’m on the laster
of the braided cables strips.
Don’t need too many tips,
Just wanna get new hint
And then I’ll be content!

i laughed.  i smiled.  then i went ahead and released the clue early.

after all, that’s what knitting friends are for.  right?

“finish’ taken from 8:11 of 2nd corinthians

‘the hold on bag’

this clever rhyme was written by roxanne (embroiderybee).

she captures, better than i could, the wait.

A Talitha bag that’s secret;
I ‘ve been told to sit and wait
For instructions so mysterious,
It makes me salivate.

I’m doggone tired of waiting
And I’m pressured to the bone.
I want to Quench my thirst to knit.
I’m sure I’m not alone.

This bag should be named ”Hold On”
As I clutch my yarn and cry.
There’s nothing worse than waiting,
Like my grass that grows to die.

With lots of time to ponder,
I keep practicing my gauge.
I’ll soon be tired of Stockinette,
Hope cables will be the rage.

Now, please forgive my Whimper
As I blow off lots of steam.
I’m sure this KAL will be
The bag that’s in my dream.

if you’re not signed up and would like to knit along, you can do so at ravelry here.

or reply to this post and i’ll add you to the official list.

check appalachian yarns or ravelry for the

first clue, april 27th.

12 days to go…

‘wait’ taken from 5:3 in the psalms.


pick out your colors.

ready some sticks.

april 27th.



there’s something about doing something you enjoy with others who enjoy it too

that makes it all the better, no?

appalachian yarns

is hosting a mystery bag kal

of  my brand spanking new pattern

(not even the clack’n’yack girls have seen it).

there’s lots of chatter about it over here (rav link)

and all the details are here also.

why don’t you join us?

there’s plenty of time to get your yarn

and hunker down to enjoy the wait.

just what are you waiting for, an invitation?

this is your invitation.

(cheshire cat grin)

‘get’ taken from16:16 of proverbs .