how to start the ‘depth’ cowl

for those of you working on the ‘depth’ cowl

either on your own or as part of the #talkal going on in my rav group,

using either sprout worsted or sprout dk from ‘the fiber seed‘,

here’s a step by step photo tutorial to get you off on the right foot.

note: below each photo is the pattern text that it is illustrating.

“After winding your first skein into a ball or cake, start at the beginning of the yarn

and follow it along until you reach the first solid color section.

(the needle tips in the pic above

are pointing at ‘the first solid color section, see?)


“Find the middle of that solid color section.”

(the needle tip at the right points to the center of the solid green section of yarn.)


“Starting at that point of the yarn, and using the size needles

that you got gauge on, use backward loop cast-on to CO…”

(these are my first sts i cast on using backward loop and working towards the yarn cake.)


“You will be casting on through the second half of a solid color section,

a full speckled section, a full solid color section, a full speckled section,

and the first half of a solid color section.

You should end near the middle of a solid color section.

Join to knit in the round and do not add a place marker.  “

(the extra yarn before my cast on is now wrapped into a little butterfly bundle

so that i don’t get mixed up and try to knit with the tail.)


“…begin knitting in St st.

When you get to the middle of the first solid color of sts,

place a marker.”

(i’ve just placed my first marker in this pic,

about halfway through the solid green sts of the first full solid section.)


“Continue working in St st until you get to the middle

of the second solid color section of sts, place the beginning of the rnd marker.

This second marker will now be the beginning of all your rounds.”

(i am now back to close to where i started casting on.

it doesn’t have to be exactly where you started.

getting to about the middle of the solid color sts to place the marker is more key.)

i think that’s it.

now you have pictures

of the cast on and the next round where the markers are placed.

enjoy! being the boss of the pooling comes next.


‘started’ taken from 18:45 of first kings.




crossway kal

did you know about the fun we had in march?

a bunch of us did a knitalong (kal) over in my ravelry group ‘talitha’s tangles’

for the ‘crossway’ hat.

there was a custom colorway from mrs. crosby

called ‘cloverleaf’ available only through jimmy bean’s wool

(if you love green tonals, there are a few skeins left here),

lots of fun chatter and encouragement and hats.

definitely beautiful knit hats. take a look at our fo’s:

if you missed the fun, no worries.

i’ll be announcing (just about the mid-april)

the next kal

which will start

the first week of may.

this time around we’ll be knitting the depth cowl (in either dk or worsted).

keep an eye out here, or join ‘talitha’s tangles’

so you’re sure not to miss the detail packed

announcement all about that kal.

talk to you soon!

‘knit’ taken from 10:10-12 of job.


the reveal

late this past winter,

string theory yarn company

asked if i would design with dream in color’s ‘canyon’ for a mystery kal.

i jumped at the chance. what fun!

i knew that i wanted to

design a hat, but how to keep it a mystery?

i mean once you start knitting in the round on size 16″ circulars…

a hat is everyone’s first guess, right?

but earlier this winter

i had knit up a super warm, oversized braided hat

(the ‘nomadic nights slouch’ by holly priestley)

her construction was such that you knit the brim flat

and then joined in the round.

that might be enough of a novelty

to throw people off track in guessing ‘hat’,

and ‘tohutohu‘ was born.

the mystery kal has just ended, so now:

tohutohu hat collagei chose really mildly contrasting colors,

but some of the other knitters picked things that really pop!

i’ll collect some of their pretty photos soon

to make a collage for you to ooh and ahh over.

i love seeing what color combos

other knitters knit.

don’t you?

‘thrown’ taken from 6:30 of matthew.


today’s the day.

(one day early, i know.  there was peer pressure involved…)

the first bit of clue #1 has been posted on ravelry in the ‘appalachian yarns’ group.

size 13 needles,  30 beads(optional), 2 skeins of louet kidlin (light worsted weight)

and you’re good to go.

i started with this gorgeous color.

the kidlin’s mix of linen/mohair

was a really pleasant surprise.

now i’m thinking

that i might want

a more everyday kind of wrap.

being machine wash and dry

and also nearly indestructible,

allhemp6 is one of my ‘go to’ yarns.

i’ve got a hat,

a winter scarf

and a woven stitch belt.

i want to make a top,

a cardigan

and a big ol’ bag.

maybe a wrap, too.

now i just have to figure this out

‘to bead or not to bead,

that is the question’.

‘dry’ taken from 1:9 in genesis.

for those of you…

…who missed the mystery bag kal over at appalachian yarns this spring,

‘quench’, the pattern, is now available through knit picks.

when i see this bag i think of all the fun we had during the kal knitting together.


the original touches

that people added

to the pattern

float before my eyes,



i’ll save all that

for a future post.


right now

let me just

say this:


self lined

2 pockets

adjustable strap


gobs of purse-onality.

‘quench’ taken from 1:31 in isaiah.

the amazing adventures of braided cable #2

Cable #2 has been to two Wisconsin State parks,

a mother’s day brunch at a fancy restaurant,

and rode 150 miles in the car this weekend.

Cable #2 has learned the piano and the harp vicariously

by listening to 2 weeks of Ranwenharp teaching lessons.

Cable #2 moonlights as a wrist cushion when using a Braille machine.

When it was younger,

it worked part-time as a bookmark,

but soon grew too big for it’s britches and got the boot.

Cable #2 is having a love affair with the smallest cable needle in the bag.

(Please don’t tell the other cable needles

– they’d feel so rejected.)

Cable #2 is a fan of Don Knotts movies and the X-Files…

to all the ‘quench’ mystery bag kal gals,

how’s your second cable doing these days?

poem by sunny link.

‘listening’ taken from 25:12 in proverbs.

knitting along

i am currently done with the first clue

and waiting,

not very quietly i might add,

for the second

which is not due out

until tuesday

which is

way too far


for me.

kate of tot toppers is leading this mystery over at appalachian yarns on ravelry.

her patterns just drip with adorable.

so far we have ribbing and stripes (working from the bottom up),

but no clue (literally no clue yet) about what the top looks like.

now those of you who know me

know that i have never completed a kal as a participant before

(but, leading one is no problem).

in the past i have always lost my forward motion before finishing the job.

so, i have picked the smallest size (6m)

and chosen knit picks shine, a yarn that has just enough slink to it to really fly off

of my metal needles which aid in greasing up the speed of the gears.

so, i am expecting to, planning to, determined to, finish this one.

now where’s that next clue?

‘determined’ taken from 7:23 of job.

clue #2

it has become very, very clear

that the talent oozing out the the fingers of the mystery bag kal participants

extends to oh so much more than knitting.

they showered me with these tasty morsels monday night:

Thinking, Thinking
But Not Tinking;
Better Knitting
Right, Not Wrong.

Purling, Casting
Sometimes Fasting;
Just to Finish
This Knit Along

Our hands lay dormant
Itching for inspiration
Your post holds the key

“what to do”??
How ‘bout a clue??

Layin’ it on thick
certainly does the trick!

Clue #2 is now posted
Although, a bit toasted!


She made us sit and cable
Far more than I was able,
Yet practice made it faster,
And now I’m on the laster
of the braided cables strips.
Don’t need too many tips,
Just wanna get new hint
And then I’ll be content!

i laughed.  i smiled.  then i went ahead and released the clue early.

after all, that’s what knitting friends are for.  right?

“finish’ taken from 8:11 of 2nd corinthians