choosing colorways

the time has come

to design mittens and fingerless gloves to

to with tohutohu, the hat from this past summer’sthth sqmystery kal with lys string theory yarn company!

playing with the colorwork stitch patterns

again is going to be so fun.

first, though,

comes choosing yarn.

i’m excited to be working with

local dyer dirty water dyeworks ‘clara petite’ for the mitts and fingerless.

stephanie’s colors are rich and lovely with just a the right touch of semi-solid in the mix.

i’ve such a soft spot for the depth that semi-solid colors add

to any project.

here’s the only catch:

i like all the petite clara colorways. every one.

my mind reels at all the possible color combos that

flash before my eyes when i begin to consider.

will you guys help me out here?

check out the choices

for ‘petite clara’.

they’re on this page right here

and, the two new colors not yet pictured

 are carbon (dark gray) and vermont (hunter green).

be sure to scroll down past the ‘clara’ colors to get to the ‘petite clara’ ones.

please do leave me comments with your favorite color combos, ok?

that would be so great.


you get that the real problem here

is that i want them all, right? every single one. smile.

‘choose’ taken from 8:10 of proverbs.

photo snapped by 126 flash.

the reveal

late this past winter,

string theory yarn company

asked if i would design with dream in color’s ‘canyon’ for a mystery kal.

i jumped at the chance. what fun!

i knew that i wanted to

design a hat, but how to keep it a mystery?

i mean once you start knitting in the round on size 16″ circulars…

a hat is everyone’s first guess, right?

but earlier this winter

i had knit up a super warm, oversized braided hat

(the ‘nomadic nights slouch’ by holly priestley)

her construction was such that you knit the brim flat

and then joined in the round.

that might be enough of a novelty

to throw people off track in guessing ‘hat’,

and ‘tohutohu‘ was born.

the mystery kal has just ended, so now:

tohutohu hat collagei chose really mildly contrasting colors,

but some of the other knitters picked things that really pop!

i’ll collect some of their pretty photos soon

to make a collage for you to ooh and ahh over.

i love seeing what color combos

other knitters knit.

don’t you?

‘thrown’ taken from 6:30 of matthew.

‘taming the tails’

i haven’t doneIMG_0525crop a video

since ‘the fiber factor ended’,

but on monday the 7th,

the tohutohu mystery kal,

in collaboration with

and sponsored by lys

‘string theory yarn company’,

begins and so i made this new video tutorial to go along with clue #1.

you don’t have to be part of the m-kal

to find this helpful.

you just have to be a person for whom

yarn tails are awkward or frustrating to deal with on your works in progress.

so here’s me, in the dappling late afternoon sun,

out by the old chicken coop (that held squawking chickens when i was growing up).

it’s not a perfect video. it’s not meant to be,

just a warm weather afternoon conversation between two knitters

(aka: me and you).

hope that you find it helpful or it makes you smile, or both.

i guess he told me

i was taking just a moment on the couch

to glance through the new vogue knitting (spring/summer 2015).

i have just read page twenty-two,

when my four year old finds me.

‘mama’, he says,’can i see?’

‘of course’,

i say, as i spread the magazine out onto the paint table.

‘who’s this?’IMG_8888dar(he is pointing to the zealana model at the very top of page twenty-three).

‘that’, i say, ‘is someone

who wants you to see the knitting she is wearing

and smile because you and she both know that you could knit the same thing for yourself.’

‘i like that, mama.  what is this place?’IMG_8889dar(he is pointing to the inside of lys ‘string theory’)

‘that is the inside of a yarn shop’, i tell him.

‘i think that her friends are in thereIMG_8890darand she should go find them.  right here!’

(he is pointing to the front door of string theory yarn company.)

what can i do except to nod my head and smile?

because i think he is

absolutely right.

‘finds’ taken from 119:162 of the psalms.

cey & i: counting by tens

ten patterns, ten days,

ten…oops, i mean eleven, ‘artistic differences‘ pattern giveaways,

and a free pattern to boot.

i can hardly stand all this excitement

this early on a tuesday morning.  wink.

for starters, today is the kick-offIMG_8018bt

on the string theory yarn company blog

of the book’s tour (ten days long)

for my new collection.

there are ten patterns

and each day of the tour

one of those patterns will be given away free.

as to the eleventh giveaway,

IMG_8029btbe sure to continue on,

the day after the tour ends,

for a wrap up on the classic elite blog

where one winner will receive

a copy of ‘artistic differences’

and yarn to make the pattern

of their choice within.

as if that’s not enough,

tring‘ was released this morning.

this little project bag (think socks or a hat)

is reversible so you get two personalities in one

(see how i tied it into the rocker vs boho theme of the book there?).

i’m too excited today to sit still, so let’s head on over

to janet’s string theory yarn company blog

and get this party


‘released’ taken from 105:20 of the psalms.