choosing colorways

the time has come

to design mittens and fingerless gloves to

to with tohutohu, the hat from this past summer’sthth sqmystery kal with lys string theory yarn company!

playing with the colorwork stitch patterns

again is going to be so fun.

first, though,

comes choosing yarn.

i’m excited to be working with

local dyer dirty water dyeworks ‘clara petite’ for the mitts and fingerless.

stephanie’s colors are rich and lovely with just a the right touch of semi-solid in the mix.

i’ve such a soft spot for the depth that semi-solid colors add

to any project.

here’s the only catch:

i like all the petite clara colorways. every one.

my mind reels at all the possible color combos that

flash before my eyes when i begin to consider.

will you guys help me out here?

check out the choices

for ‘petite clara’.

they’re on this page right here

and, the two new colors not yet pictured

 are carbon (dark gray) and vermont (hunter green).

be sure to scroll down past the ‘clara’ colors to get to the ‘petite clara’ ones.

please do leave me comments with your favorite color combos, ok?

that would be so great.


you get that the real problem here

is that i want them all, right? every single one. smile.

‘choose’ taken from 8:10 of proverbs.

photo snapped by 126 flash.

5 thoughts on “choosing colorways

  1. I can’t pick just one. It would be so lovely to do fair isle with all of them! My combos would be Purple Heather and Out of the Blue, or Winter Sky and Mauve or Sangria, or Carrot Cake and Chartreuse! Depends whether you want bright or subdued or,… I’m sure this isn’t terribly helpful!

  2. I’ve narrowed it down just a little. How about Sangria and Winter Sky, or Purple Heather and Chartreuse? Of course, Sangria would look great (and a bit more subdued) combined with Fallow or Carbon. Oh, and the Purple Heather would be great with Vermont.

    Dunno if I’ve been helpful at all, lol.

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