i guess he told me

i was taking just a moment on the couch

to glance through the new vogue knitting (spring/summer 2015).

i have just read page twenty-two,

when my four year old finds me.

‘mama’, he says,’can i see?’

‘of course’,

i say, as i spread the magazine out onto the paint table.

‘who’s this?’IMG_8888dar(he is pointing to the zealana model at the very top of page twenty-three).

‘that’, i say, ‘is someone

who wants you to see the knitting she is wearing

and smile because you and she both know that you could knit the same thing for yourself.’

‘i like that, mama.  what is this place?’IMG_8889dar(he is pointing to the inside of lys ‘string theory’)

‘that is the inside of a yarn shop’, i tell him.

‘i think that her friends are in thereIMG_8890darand she should go find them.  right here!’

(he is pointing to the front door of string theory yarn company.)

what can i do except to nod my head and smile?

because i think he is

absolutely right.

‘finds’ taken from 119:162 of the psalms.