‘taming the tails’

i haven’t doneIMG_0525crop a video

since ‘the fiber factor ended’,

but on monday the 7th,

the tohutohu mystery kal,

in collaboration with

and sponsored by lys

‘string theory yarn company’,

begins and so i made this new video tutorial to go along with clue #1.

you don’t have to be part of the m-kal

to find this helpful.

you just have to be a person for whom

yarn tails are awkward or frustrating to deal with on your works in progress.

so here’s me, in the dappling late afternoon sun,

out by the old chicken coop (that held squawking chickens when i was growing up).

it’s not a perfect video. it’s not meant to be,

just a warm weather afternoon conversation between two knitters

(aka: me and you).

hope that you find it helpful or it makes you smile, or both.

9 thoughts on “‘taming the tails’

  1. This made me laugh! I laughed because you think you are the most likely knitter to knit with the yarn tail! Not true. It’s me! I’m the one who does that. A lot! LOL I do like your bundling idea. It will be useful especially when I’m purposely leaving a long tail for joining at the end. Thanks, Tal! Waiting for the KAL to begin….

  2. Hi Talitha! Has the first clue been released? I haven’t received it yet. A bit worried…..

  3. No more problem, Tal! There was a typo in my email and that’s why I hadn’t seen the first clue. 🙂 All fixed!

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