so it started out as me

finding a place to knit in public.

well, it was me and the pond, blue skies and the soothing sound of falling water,

IMG_0587temand a bunch of guys spread along the shore fishing.

i had knitting and ice cream and…

IMG_0598cropthen, i got a little distracted by how gorgeous everything around me was.

i mean take a look.  can you blame me?

IMG_0589roso, you know i have this thing for rocks.

which means i was off on another tangent when i was watching my step

and looked down to see this:

IMG_0604temtake a gander at that sky.  just wow.

when i finally picked up my knitting (and what remained of the ice cream)

i also took away this overwhelming sense of gratitude.

the Creator really knows how

to create beauty.

 and again,


‘Creator’ taken from 40:28 of isaiah.

2 thoughts on “public-ly

  1. Oh my. That swirling blue needs to be a yarn colour! I wonder if it’s possible to replicate that beauty in a yarn. So beautiful!

    • i was pretty mesmerized by it as the water and the clouds just kept changing and interacting with each other. what a yarn that would be!

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