knitting along

i am currently done with the first clue

and waiting,

not very quietly i might add,

for the second

which is not due out

until tuesday

which is

way too far


for me.

kate of tot toppers is leading this mystery over at appalachian yarns on ravelry.

her patterns just drip with adorable.

so far we have ribbing and stripes (working from the bottom up),

but no clue (literally no clue yet) about what the top looks like.

now those of you who know me

know that i have never completed a kal as a participant before

(but, leading one is no problem).

in the past i have always lost my forward motion before finishing the job.

so, i have picked the smallest size (6m)

and chosen knit picks shine, a yarn that has just enough slink to it to really fly off

of my metal needles which aid in greasing up the speed of the gears.

so, i am expecting to, planning to, determined to, finish this one.

now where’s that next clue?

‘determined’ taken from 7:23 of job.

‘the hold on bag’

this clever rhyme was written by roxanne (embroiderybee).

she captures, better than i could, the wait.

A Talitha bag that’s secret;
I ‘ve been told to sit and wait
For instructions so mysterious,
It makes me salivate.

I’m doggone tired of waiting
And I’m pressured to the bone.
I want to Quench my thirst to knit.
I’m sure I’m not alone.

This bag should be named ”Hold On”
As I clutch my yarn and cry.
There’s nothing worse than waiting,
Like my grass that grows to die.

With lots of time to ponder,
I keep practicing my gauge.
I’ll soon be tired of Stockinette,
Hope cables will be the rage.

Now, please forgive my Whimper
As I blow off lots of steam.
I’m sure this KAL will be
The bag that’s in my dream.

if you’re not signed up and would like to knit along, you can do so at ravelry here.

or reply to this post and i’ll add you to the official list.

check appalachian yarns or ravelry for the

first clue, april 27th.

12 days to go…

‘wait’ taken from 5:3 in the psalms.

out there

did i ever mention that the pattern

for ‘the boundary of the sea’ now exists in the real world (not just in my head)?

it’s in my little etsy shop and also my store on ravelry.

did i hear a quizzical ‘what’s that?’

‘what’s ravelry?’

if you knit or crochet or might one day like to learn to, you really do want to check it out.

trust me.


so did you

do it?


did you





why not?

come on.

you know you want to…

‘world’ taken from 22:16 in the book of 2nd samuel.