the amazing adventures of braided cable #2

Cable #2 has been to two Wisconsin State parks,

a mother’s day brunch at a fancy restaurant,

and rode 150 miles in the car this weekend.

Cable #2 has learned the piano and the harp vicariously

by listening to 2 weeks of Ranwenharp teaching lessons.

Cable #2 moonlights as a wrist cushion when using a Braille machine.

When it was younger,

it worked part-time as a bookmark,

but soon grew too big for it’s britches and got the boot.

Cable #2 is having a love affair with the smallest cable needle in the bag.

(Please don’t tell the other cable needles

– they’d feel so rejected.)

Cable #2 is a fan of Don Knotts movies and the X-Files…

to all the ‘quench’ mystery bag kal gals,

how’s your second cable doing these days?

poem by sunny link.

‘listening’ taken from 25:12 in proverbs.