a breath of really fresh air

way back at the end of a long inconspicuous driveway,

nestled beside a pond and surrounded by towering old pine trees

sits the bridge center.

there, just as inconspicuously,

a dedicated group of people quietly give

new opportunities and new experiences to kids with all level of disability.

IMG_6820intrepmy youngest, who is legally blind, goes horseback riding there each week

(aka: hippotherapy).

it’s such a gift for him.  makes him stronger in so many ways.

today they let my friend caryn and i walk about for a bit,

taking photos for some new fall patterns.

how sweet to be surrounded by

the beauty of fall in the woods knowing

all the while what wonderful work goes on beneath the same trees

we laughed under as i posed and caryn tried to make me look professional.

pics from today and new patterns soon.

‘walk’ taken from 6:7 of deuteronomy.

2 thoughts on “a breath of really fresh air

    • it’s been a real Godsend for my boy. besides and the physical therapy benefits, he’s learned to be nearly fearless on a horse from which he can’t see the ground. this transfers over into the rest of his life and there really isn’t anything that gives him pause at this point. somedays i think it’s made him too brave, but better forging ahead than afraid to move.

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