the details

i am more likely

to be moved (in any direction)

by the details of a thing, than by the big overall picture.

for as long as i can remember,

i have always been that way.

and with two new patterns to be released this week

i’ve been poring over the pics that

leslie (of blueeyedcrafty photography) took

and, as always, it’s some

of the details that have captured my attention.

do ya want a little sneak peek of those details?

yup, that’s what i thought…

here are the outcome of some ‘supplies’ i grabbed at michael’s

last week and put to good use,

a close-up of cozy stockinette stitch

by nice and knit worsted

in ‘kelp’,

and the play of friday’s fleeting sunlight

through the lattice of a little covered bridge over a local stream.

these photos,

are so emotional for me.

each one captures feelings about light and shadow,

safety and bravery.

the fact that two knitwear photo shoots also resulted in these shots

is a small testament to art happening in unexpected ways

and in unexpected places,

and that’s the way

it should be.

‘light’ taken from 119:105 of the psalms.

cey & i: remember?

back in june

i wrote about this cey photoshoot.

the deary rain outside and

the bit of a garden party going on inside.

all the while,

the creative director,

make up artist, and assorted crew,

working hard behind the scenes to pull it all off.

the happy atmosphere being adeptly captured

by the hard working man behind the lens

and now you can see the results.3964_medium2classic elite’s december book ‘winter lace’

is special to me because i got to be there while the images were coming together.

hope you enjoy a bit of being ‘behind the scenes’.

i sure did.

‘happy’ taken from 7:14 of ecclesiastes.

leanna‘ pic courtesy of classic elite yarns.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)

a breath of really fresh air

way back at the end of a long inconspicuous driveway,

nestled beside a pond and surrounded by towering old pine trees

sits the bridge center.

there, just as inconspicuously,

a dedicated group of people quietly give

new opportunities and new experiences to kids with all level of disability.

IMG_6820intrepmy youngest, who is legally blind, goes horseback riding there each week

(aka: hippotherapy).

it’s such a gift for him.  makes him stronger in so many ways.

today they let my friend caryn and i walk about for a bit,

taking photos for some new fall patterns.

how sweet to be surrounded by

the beauty of fall in the woods knowing

all the while what wonderful work goes on beneath the same trees

we laughed under as i posed and caryn tried to make me look professional.

pics from today and new patterns soon.

‘walk’ taken from 6:7 of deuteronomy.

cey & i: the shoot (part 1)

i headed into cambridge early tuesday

planning to take pictures,

lots of pictures,

but, there’s work to be done at a photo shoot.

decisions must be made, outfits organized, hair consulted on, scenes decided upon.

so in the end, i didn’t take many pictures at all.

the few i did take, i’m going to share.


first up, the man behind the camera at work.

i did have to blur lindsay out a bit so as to not give too much away,IMG_6576crop

but the model in front of the camera was really working it, too.

it’ll be a few weeks until i get to see the final results.

what mike showed me in miniature that day

on his little camera screen

was awesome.

i couldn’t be more excited about

 how this collection is coming together right before my eyes.

‘share’ taken from 30:24 of 1st samuel.

(this post is part of an ongoing series,

chronicling my collaboration with classic elite yarns on

an indie collection.  all posts tagged with ‘artistic differences‘ and titled ‘cey & i‘.)

cey & i: the art of enthusiasm

i have met lots of people

in all different artistic fields who are talented,

whose skills really set them apart from the rest of the pack.

the most memorable of those,

the ones who

truly move

me, are

the people who possess both mad skills

and remain excited about what they do

day after day after day, no matter what the circumstances.

friday’s ‘theater of the mind’ shoot was my first ever,

but everyone else there, save one model, had wrapped up a previous shoot

late in the afternoon of the day before.

this was not new to them

and they’d just done it yesterday,

but i would never have known.

that they knew their stuff was obvious

(pros without a doubt),

but the level of creative energy was palpable, too.

that’s what caught my attention.

second day shooting, pouring rain, creative energy still high.

these are great people to work with.


oh how i enjoyed listening

to the ongoing banter, to the decisions being made,

and to the flow of warm, interesting conversation

that kept the models engaged

coming from the photographer as he nearly seamlessly

captured each frame exactly as he imagined it

one after the next after yet another.

thanks to cey and the full crew for allowing me

to be a ‘fly on the wall’.

i loved it!

‘listening’ taken from 18:13 of proverbs.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)

cey & i: mirage

radio deejays

sit alone in small rooms

and create what sounds like a music filled party on-air.

we tune in to join in on their fun.

they call it the ‘theater of the mind’.

three days ago, i drove

(windows rolled

as far down as the rain would allow and music blaring-

to give you a good picture of my frame of mind)

about an hour north of here to a classic elite photo shoot.

i had never before been to a professional shoot.

i had no idea what to expect.

i arrived to find

things already in motion

as a nondescript corner of the yarn company’s warehouse

was being morphed into a pleasing backdrop for

perfectly party ready cold weather knits.

now, all of us knew full well

that it was just dangling strings of little twinkling lights,

huge rolls of hanging paper, and pretty girls dressed in hand knits

but the illusion worked its wiles on us as well.

IMG_5410crop satwe talked of garden parties floating in

citronella candles, rascally gnomes, and sparkling drinks.

we talked of possible menus and childhood memories, stopping now and again

to ooh and ahh over the cut of a cardi or the drape of a wrap.

the dark gloom of the rain outside,

with its huge drops pelting down

on the metal truck dock delivery doors,

seemed ever so far away as the models spun and the camera shutter

captured the nuances of this carefully crafted diversion.

do you know how many things can be done

with hanging lights, willing models and a really good photographer?

i started to keep track, but lost count shortly after lunch.

IMG_5412cropthe buzz

of all that creativity

emanating from

six people working

very closely together

in that one made-over corner

distracted me, but

more on that…


‘rain’ taken from 26:4 of leviticus.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)

cey & i: out and about

there is always something new to try.

part of what i get to do for ‘artistic differences’

is being involved in styling and choosing the outfits for the photo shoot.

that gives me an excuse (ha! thrift stores never fail to inspire me!)

to jog on over to the local 2nd hand shops

every couple weeks

armed with my loose leaf ring full

of little knotted bundles of all the yarns involved.

IMG_3475cropthere are people who would see something and know

(just know) if the colors worked,

but i am not even close to being one of them.

instead, i carry the little snap ring around in my pocket

to be sure that things will go well when they’re matched up,

but not too well.  it’s not

classically clean or preppy or too overly pulled together that i’m aiming for…

now, i’m not ready to reveal the theme just yet.

(a girl’s got to hold back and have a little mystery when she can.)

i will say this though: i’m having such a good time sussing out

how the personality of the clothes

will breathe extra life and skads of character into the knitwear.

i haven’t done anything like this

since i was ‘costume director’ for a play my junior yr of high school.

it was fun then.  still, i’m pretty sure it feels like even more fun now.

you gotta love that.

i’m really not ready to tell,

but to not leave you hanging completely, here’s a quick peek

at my favorite finds from this morning’s jaunt.

IMG_3166cropupgood stuff, no? oh yeah.

‘excuse’ taken from 14:18 in luke.