cey & i: mirage

radio deejays

sit alone in small rooms

and create what sounds like a music filled party on-air.

we tune in to join in on their fun.

they call it the ‘theater of the mind’.

three days ago, i drove

(windows rolled

as far down as the rain would allow and music blaring-

to give you a good picture of my frame of mind)

about an hour north of here to a classic elite photo shoot.

i had never before been to a professional shoot.

i had no idea what to expect.

i arrived to find

things already in motion

as a nondescript corner of the yarn company’s warehouse

was being morphed into a pleasing backdrop for

perfectly party ready cold weather knits.

now, all of us knew full well

that it was just dangling strings of little twinkling lights,

huge rolls of hanging paper, and pretty girls dressed in hand knits

but the illusion worked its wiles on us as well.

IMG_5410crop satwe talked of garden parties floating in

citronella candles, rascally gnomes, and sparkling drinks.

we talked of possible menus and childhood memories, stopping now and again

to ooh and ahh over the cut of a cardi or the drape of a wrap.

the dark gloom of the rain outside,

with its huge drops pelting down

on the metal truck dock delivery doors,

seemed ever so far away as the models spun and the camera shutter

captured the nuances of this carefully crafted diversion.

do you know how many things can be done

with hanging lights, willing models and a really good photographer?

i started to keep track, but lost count shortly after lunch.

IMG_5412cropthe buzz

of all that creativity

emanating from

six people working

very closely together

in that one made-over corner

distracted me, but

more on that…


‘rain’ taken from 26:4 of leviticus.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)

3 thoughts on “cey & i: mirage

  1. Very interesting! I hadn’t much thought about the process of photographing the knits. 🙂 I have when I’ve seen photos taken outdoors or somewhere in a castle or museum or whatever. 🙂 But now I’ll look at the pictures differently!

  2. i can’t wait to see the pics since i saw how they were taken. the pattern booklets should get released late this fall. if does give a whole back story to what would have otherwise just been pretty photos and i’m always interested in the process of how things get to be what’s presented to us in the end.

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