because of my parents (and all that came before them)

and because of my in-laws (and all that came before them),

my husband and i were made.

thanks to God (the Father),

we fell into each other’s lives, and arms,

and made a family of these:IMG_4694urbancropthe more you know me, the more you’ll understand

how intense a miracle that all is.

today, i feel completely awed by the history of us all.

what a beautifully intricate web

of events: starts and stops, hopes and heart crushings

was woven together to hold us all safely.

i am feeling so very grateful.

‘understanding’ taken from 2:11 of proverbs.

5 thoughts on “priceless

  1. It truly is amazing, isn’t it, family. We have grandchildren now, and oldest visited from Quebec two weeks ago, with his sweetheart. Another generation is growing up! It astounds me! This young man, now eighteen, was only a few months ago that six pound beautiful new baby wasn’t he? Time and family move along together, I think. 🙂 it is truly amazing.

      • Me too. 🙂 It’s God’s gift to us, I believe, this interesting and astounding circle of life. And just as some don’t see the amazing things around us, there seem to be people who don’t understand how precious, how fleeting, how precarious, how amazing life is!
        Your small people are not so small now!! I think of your youngest as still being a toddler, but the photo shows me a much bigger boy! Handsome family, Talitha. 🙂

        • my ‘baby’ is not such a baby now. he’s 4, but he’s tall and well spoken so he often gets mistaken for even older than that. each and everyone of them a different person and a daily joy to me.

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