cey & i: the art of enthusiasm

i have met lots of people

in all different artistic fields who are talented,

whose skills really set them apart from the rest of the pack.

the most memorable of those,

the ones who

truly move

me, are

the people who possess both mad skills

and remain excited about what they do

day after day after day, no matter what the circumstances.

friday’s ‘theater of the mind’ shoot was my first ever,

but everyone else there, save one model, had wrapped up a previous shoot

late in the afternoon of the day before.

this was not new to them

and they’d just done it yesterday,

but i would never have known.

that they knew their stuff was obvious

(pros without a doubt),

but the level of creative energy was palpable, too.

that’s what caught my attention.

second day shooting, pouring rain, creative energy still high.

these are great people to work with.


oh how i enjoyed listening

to the ongoing banter, to the decisions being made,

and to the flow of warm, interesting conversation

that kept the models engaged

coming from the photographer as he nearly seamlessly

captured each frame exactly as he imagined it

one after the next after yet another.

thanks to cey and the full crew for allowing me

to be a ‘fly on the wall’.

i loved it!

‘listening’ taken from 18:13 of proverbs.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)

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