cey & i: the same, but not really

so far, i’ve posted sneak peeks of the knitting for

and ‘look what i found’ pics of the clothing for

my upcoming collection ‘artistic differences’.

i admit that i’m a little torn

about what more

i want to say, and what i what to remain a surprise.

in the meantime,

while i’m still mulling over where i want

to draw the line,

i do feel good about saying

that i saw this post about 10 bloggers all wearingDaybook-11the same exact thermal shirt (in a few different colors).

when you scroll down the pics,

you can strongly see

how each different blogger’s personality

and their individual personal styles

actually change a bit how the thermal looks.

my collection is going to be ‘a lot like that’,

and a lot ‘not a bit like that at all’.  honest.

more vague info…

coming soon.

photo from sydney.

‘looks’ taken from 1: 24 of james.


cey & i: so very close

this is

about as scary

as knitting gets for me

(if we don’t throw steeking into the equation,

but that is another story for a different day):

will there be enough yarn to finish?

IMG_4975sati almost never cut it close.

unlike my friend (and fellow contestant in ‘the fiber factor’), tracy

who if i remember right was left with only inches of yarn

remaining at the end of two different challenges.

i would have sweat myself into

a little puddle of goo.

i’m the knittah who buys an extra skein (or two)

over what the pattern calls for just to be exceedingly sure

that i could not possibly run out.

but, two nights ago

as i was working on one of the patterns

for my upcoming indie collection with classic elite yarns

i cut it close.  real close.  too close.

IMG_4977satfor the last 18 rounds my head spun

searching for options of what i might do if, or more likely when,

i ran clean out of yarn.

when i tied off the final stitches

with a whopping 98″ left,

i felt a little silly.

i mean over 2 yds remaining isn’t really cutting it that close, right?

i tried telling that to the butterflies in my stomach

and to the weak in the knees feeling between my ankles and my hip bones,

but they were having none of it.

irregardless, this piece is done and i’m moving

full steam ahead into the next new design

 which i’ll be sure to have just

one extra skein for.


‘enough’ taken from 36:7 in exodus.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)

cey & i: out and about

there is always something new to try.

part of what i get to do for ‘artistic differences’

is being involved in styling and choosing the outfits for the photo shoot.

that gives me an excuse (ha! thrift stores never fail to inspire me!)

to jog on over to the local 2nd hand shops

every couple weeks

armed with my loose leaf ring full

of little knotted bundles of all the yarns involved.

IMG_3475cropthere are people who would see something and know

(just know) if the colors worked,

but i am not even close to being one of them.

instead, i carry the little snap ring around in my pocket

to be sure that things will go well when they’re matched up,

but not too well.  it’s not

classically clean or preppy or too overly pulled together that i’m aiming for…

now, i’m not ready to reveal the theme just yet.

(a girl’s got to hold back and have a little mystery when she can.)

i will say this though: i’m having such a good time sussing out

how the personality of the clothes

will breathe extra life and skads of character into the knitwear.

i haven’t done anything like this

since i was ‘costume director’ for a play my junior yr of high school.

it was fun then.  still, i’m pretty sure it feels like even more fun now.

you gotta love that.

i’m really not ready to tell,

but to not leave you hanging completely, here’s a quick peek

at my favorite finds from this morning’s jaunt.

IMG_3166cropupgood stuff, no? oh yeah.

‘excuse’ taken from 14:18 in luke.

cey & i: of chairs and collections

IMG_2529cropthis is the chair

beside susan’s desk

at classic elite yarns.

as creative director,

her space fills quickly

with color cards,

various mood boards,


and nearly endless

 fresh design possibilities.

to begin something new,

one morning just over a week ago

this lemony vintage chair was filled with, well, me.

we talked of ideas and angles, palettes and themes, and of course, yarns.

by the time i had to drag myself away to get the kids off the bus,

we had finalized everything down to the color choices

(ie: all the colors warming the chair above)

for an indie collection of my new ideas

that cey and i are collaborating on.

i admit,

that as the stack of colors grew,

i began to feel a bit giddy with the excitement of it all.

to be given such freedom of choice and professional support

was moving to the creative side of me in a way that i find hard to describe.

what i can say clearly, is that the practical side of me went

right home and eagerly cast on for the first sweater.

‘clearly’ taken from 6:42 in luke.

(this is to be an ongoing series of posts

chronicling the process of this collaboration from swatches to release.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)