cey & i: the same, but not really

so far, i’ve posted sneak peeks of the knitting for

and ‘look what i found’ pics of the clothing for

my upcoming collection ‘artistic differences’.

i admit that i’m a little torn

about what more

i want to say, and what i what to remain a surprise.

in the meantime,

while i’m still mulling over where i want

to draw the line,

i do feel good about saying

that i saw this post about 10 bloggers all wearingDaybook-11the same exact thermal shirt (in a few different colors).

when you scroll down the pics,

you can strongly see

how each different blogger’s personality

and their individual personal styles

actually change a bit how the thermal looks.

my collection is going to be ‘a lot like that’,

and a lot ‘not a bit like that at all’.  honest.

more vague info…

coming soon.

photo from sydney.

‘looks’ taken from 1: 24 of james.