cey & i: so very close

this is

about as scary

as knitting gets for me

(if we don’t throw steeking into the equation,

but that is another story for a different day):

will there be enough yarn to finish?

IMG_4975sati almost never cut it close.

unlike my friend (and fellow contestant in ‘the fiber factor’), tracy

who if i remember right was left with only inches of yarn

remaining at the end of two different challenges.

i would have sweat myself into

a little puddle of goo.

i’m the knittah who buys an extra skein (or two)

over what the pattern calls for just to be exceedingly sure

that i could not possibly run out.

but, two nights ago

as i was working on one of the patterns

for my upcoming indie collection with classic elite yarns

i cut it close.  real close.  too close.

IMG_4977satfor the last 18 rounds my head spun

searching for options of what i might do if, or more likely when,

i ran clean out of yarn.

when i tied off the final stitches

with a whopping 98″ left,

i felt a little silly.

i mean over 2 yds remaining isn’t really cutting it that close, right?

i tried telling that to the butterflies in my stomach

and to the weak in the knees feeling between my ankles and my hip bones,

but they were having none of it.

irregardless, this piece is done and i’m moving

full steam ahead into the next new design

 which i’ll be sure to have just

one extra skein for.


‘enough’ taken from 36:7 in exodus.

(this is an ongoing series of posts chronicling

the process of my yet to be released collaboration with classic elite yarns.

to search, all post titles will include ‘cey & i:‘ and be tagged with ‘artistic differences‘.)

2 thoughts on “cey & i: so very close

  1. Do I ever know that feeling!!! Recently I decided to crochet a Williston shawl for my friend’s mother who is coming to visit soon. I found three balls of a beautiful yarn in my stash, just the colours she’ll love. And I knew when I began that I wouldn’t have enough, but I figured I’d add a solid colour to the beautiful swirls I was working. I did find just the right blue to add to my stash yarn, and so far so good, a couple of stripes in place and plenty of blue left to stretch the mixed colours. I think!!! I hope. My lys hasn’t any more of it. We’ll see. Glad your hat yarn went far enough! I like the gray.

    • wow. what an adventure putting all those bits of yarns together. sounds like it will be gorgeous!

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