a few of my favorite things (today)

so much to do today.

focused all morning on the inbox and to-do bin

(yes, i said ‘bin’.  a list is no longer cutting it).

despite the busy, these three things made me smile.

thought you might need an ‘end of a monday’ smile, too.

first, the seed beads i bought

from bead biz at the new england fiber fest.

such cheery colors (and the matte finish on the czech glass beads rocks).IMG_7503 satnext, my dad playing photographer

in the backyard trying to get all six of us

to smile and keep our eyes open at the same time.

not an easy task i tell ya.for trey for turkey projectnote: my 8 yr old informed me, after the fact, that he intentionally

grinned wider and stuck his chin up high

to see what it would look like.

what’s a mama to do?

lastly, this super fun homegrown video.

it is the best lyric video i think i’ve ever seen.

i wouldn’t usually be a fan of such a pop flavored tune.

maybe my 15 year old’s taste

in music

is affecting me.

it’s just so stinkin’ catchy though,

that it’s stuck in my head and i just don’t even care,

because i’m happy,

clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…

 ‘wider’ taken from 11:7-9 of job.

One thought on “a few of my favorite things (today)

  1. What a handsome family! We had all boys, so own very few photos of everyone with eyes open. And no highjinks! 🙂 The beads are great! I like the matte finish too. And the song! Now it’s in my head. Love it. And the video is so sweet and clever, I might have to watch it again. LOL

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