the papahood

father’s day

is pretty much like any other day at our house.

the kids still need what they need.

david and i still spend most of our time making sure that they get it.

bedtime is still snacks and a family story, singing and good night prayers.28b294360e8e07aeb0d26618132a3c76it’s good.

we know it won’t last forever.

the wee ones get taller and older everyday.

so for now,

we’re both busy and grateful.

especially today we are grateful for papa.

‘grateful’ taken from 4:6 of jonah.

curtain call

it is only the shoveled paths

and the driveway, that the kids can play on now.

the actual snow is so deep that they mostly can’t move through it.

we’ve resorted to more and more inside activities this season.

the latest is acting out things

that the kids like or find interesting.

my 8 yr old picked ‘peep and the big wide world‘.

she assigned everyone parts and organized the ‘costumes’ (ie: papa’s bunny ears).

it was so much fun.  here’s our cast of characters:

teenage sister = quack, the cranky big blue duck who always wears a hatIMG_8912crop

4 yr old brother = chirp, the always looking on the bright side red baby birdIMG_8909crop

the 8 yr old ‘director’ herself = peep, the philosophical chickIMG_8913crop9 yr old brother = the overly enthusiastic racoonIMG_8917crop

papa (the good sport) = the bunny (who was instructed on exactly how to hop properly)IMG_8919crop

some laughs and eye rolling was had by all.

what are you doing to fill your days with all the

unrelenting weather outside?

 ‘paths’ taken from 38:19-20 of job.


a few of my favorite things (today)

so much to do today.

focused all morning on the inbox and to-do bin

(yes, i said ‘bin’.  a list is no longer cutting it).

despite the busy, these three things made me smile.

thought you might need an ‘end of a monday’ smile, too.

first, the seed beads i bought

from bead biz at the new england fiber fest.

such cheery colors (and the matte finish on the czech glass beads rocks).IMG_7503 satnext, my dad playing photographer

in the backyard trying to get all six of us

to smile and keep our eyes open at the same time.

not an easy task i tell ya.for trey for turkey projectnote: my 8 yr old informed me, after the fact, that he intentionally

grinned wider and stuck his chin up high

to see what it would look like.

what’s a mama to do?

lastly, this super fun homegrown video.

it is the best lyric video i think i’ve ever seen.

i wouldn’t usually be a fan of such a pop flavored tune.

maybe my 15 year old’s taste

in music

is affecting me.

it’s just so stinkin’ catchy though,

that it’s stuck in my head and i just don’t even care,

because i’m happy,

clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…

 ‘wider’ taken from 11:7-9 of job.

the turning

my 8 yr old

decided to write a short poem

(“actually, it’ll be an ode, mama” he told me matter-of-factly)

for his sister’s 15th birthday.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERASisi is my sister’s name,
Once a year we go to Maine.
Hidden‘s a story we are writing,
It is so much better than fighting.


…and off we go into the great blue yonder of another year

as of yet unknown.


baby girl.

oh how i love watching you become.

‘unknown’ taken from 48:6-7 of isaiah.

(under) the surface

the first day

of the second week

of Christmas vacation

is an oddly exhilarating mixture of:

“i am a graceful ballerina inspired by the peaceful home life and loving family surrounding me, despite the fact that i look like a clumsy purple robot to you”


“please, oh please, could i just have 5 minutes alone? because even though i seem to have it together, the chaotic undertow of the ever changing social dynamic of my 4 kids is going to render me completely mad long before school starts again…”.


things are

just not always

what they appear,

and this week falls squarely under the category of ‘it is what it is’.

‘graceful’ taken from 41:12 of job.