curtain call

it is only the shoveled paths

and the driveway, that the kids can play on now.

the actual snow is so deep that they mostly can’t move through it.

we’ve resorted to more and more inside activities this season.

the latest is acting out things

that the kids like or find interesting.

my 8 yr old picked ‘peep and the big wide world‘.

she assigned everyone parts and organized the ‘costumes’ (ie: papa’s bunny ears).

it was so much fun.  here’s our cast of characters:

teenage sister = quack, the cranky big blue duck who always wears a hatIMG_8912crop

4 yr old brother = chirp, the always looking on the bright side red baby birdIMG_8909crop

the 8 yr old ‘director’ herself = peep, the philosophical chickIMG_8913crop9 yr old brother = the overly enthusiastic racoonIMG_8917crop

papa (the good sport) = the bunny (who was instructed on exactly how to hop properly)IMG_8919crop

some laughs and eye rolling was had by all.

what are you doing to fill your days with all the

unrelenting weather outside?

 ‘paths’ taken from 38:19-20 of job.


One thought on “curtain call

  1. Super fun had by all, I imagine! 🙂 Creative children. Our snow has been too deep to do much in too. It’s freezing rain right now. Ugh!

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