(under) the surface

the first day

of the second week

of Christmas vacation

is an oddly exhilarating mixture of:

“i am a graceful ballerina inspired by the peaceful home life and loving family surrounding me, despite the fact that i look like a clumsy purple robot to you”


“please, oh please, could i just have 5 minutes alone? because even though i seem to have it together, the chaotic undertow of the ever changing social dynamic of my 4 kids is going to render me completely mad long before school starts again…”.


things are

just not always

what they appear,

and this week falls squarely under the category of ‘it is what it is’.

‘graceful’ taken from 41:12 of job.

2 thoughts on “(under) the surface

  1. We’re having a couple of quiet days here, no guests, no huge meals to prepare, just some relaxing and hopefully finishing my Rivi Mitts. On the 2nd, we’ll start up again with three grandsons visiting and then a day of fun with family in Niagara Falls. 😉 Hope you find some “you-time” too.

    • sounds so nice. every new year’s the rule at my house is ‘tal does not cook. every man (or child) for himself’. and it works. we get cold cuts and chips, fruit and platter veggies. i’ll get chinese tonight and work my way through it starting tomorrow night. that’s a real break for me, no meals to make.

      and i get ‘me time’ every night when the kiddos go to bed. papa reads them stories and i clean up the messes of the day, then by 8pm i can do whatever i want until i fall asleep. the thing about holidays is that i fall asleep earlier. but, really i’m quite spoiled. and i love it!

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