from right here

i find myself in the place where i am.

i determine to aim for better and then, almost as an afterthought,

i look around and invariably, i look down.IMG_1139 up sqthe truth is,

that it’s a long way down from here

so maybe, just maybe, i’m not doing as badly

as i thought i might be feeling that i was.

who knew.

(note: my current emotional state brought to you by the promised

second sneak peek photo of the new pattern ‘nyilt’

to be released tomorrow.

stay tuned…)

‘place’ taken from 28:11 of genesis.

3 thoughts on “from right here

    • this is beautiful canadian yarn indie dyed by hasmi of ‘raventwist’. have you heard of it?

      • No I haven’t! But now that you’ve shared I will go look! The yarn looks amazing! 🙂

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