as promised

today is new pattern day.

knit up in sport weight sloan (from raventwist)

the fun is in how much room the streamlined shape of this wrapped poncho

leaves you to express yourself in your own way.

my friend wendy and i


one saturday morning on the way

to hanging with the knittahs, to take these pics for the pattern.IMG_1104 4x6i was happy and comfortable and having fun. can you tell?

for me, the best knits are the ones that make me smile.

this one sure did (and sure does).

‘nyilt’ is for sale on

ravelry here.

photos by wmr photography.

‘express(ly)’ taken from 20:21 of second samuel.

from right here

i find myself in the place where i am.

i determine to aim for better and then, almost as an afterthought,

i look around and invariably, i look down.IMG_1139 up sqthe truth is,

that it’s a long way down from here

so maybe, just maybe, i’m not doing as badly

as i thought i might be feeling that i was.

who knew.

(note: my current emotional state brought to you by the promised

second sneak peek photo of the new pattern ‘nyilt’

to be released tomorrow.

stay tuned…)

‘place’ taken from 28:11 of genesis.