loose ends

there is this poncho

that i have been wanting to make for years.

i think it was actually 6 or 7 years ago that i bought the pattern.

then i had trouble finding yarn that i liked.

discovering knit picks comfy bulky,

so soft (and machine washable),

i knew i’d found the one.

diving in, expecting to breeze through,

i suddenly and unexpectedly hit a roadblock head on.

ironically i don’t even remember what the roadblock was (or is)

yet once hit, all progress stopped on a dime.

with motivation lost,

i hung it in it’s designated bag

on my hook of ‘projects in process’

and there it hung for way too long.

it has taken my ravelry friend, wordcobbler,

to get me re-motivated.

start your engines,

wave the checkered flag

and we’re off.

with a finish line

(literally a date to ‘finish’ at)

squarely in our sights, and each other

to check in and keep things in forward motion.

better grab your unfinished business and join us or you’ll wind up eating our dust,

or tripping on our yarn ends as the case may be…

‘lost’ taken from 3:8 in philippians.