building things

i build patterns.

from the rough idea thrashing about in my head

to scribbled notes on junk mail envelopes

(or whatever else is handy)

followed by the musical chairs of changing needle sizes and

the flurry of many balls in the air in search of just the ‘right’ one.

in that sense i build.

today i can say

i built this

and this

because i did.

my kids build, too.

(legos and clay, duplos and playdough)

today they built with these old wooden beads

that used to be strung to hang curtain-like in a doorway

until the noise and the annoyance of having to pass through to enter that room

(which happened to be my room)

caused me to unstring them.

and i wonder,

when i am still for any space of time

(which has not happened much lately),

what they will build when they are grown.

then i dream of grand things

as i drift off to sleep

in whatever chair i had managed

to plop myself down into.

‘built’ taken from 78:69 in the psalms.