building things

i build patterns.

from the rough idea thrashing about in my head

to scribbled notes on junk mail envelopes

(or whatever else is handy)

followed by the musical chairs of changing needle sizes and

the flurry of many balls in the air in search of just the ‘right’ one.

in that sense i build.

today i can say

i built this

and this

because i did.

my kids build, too.

(legos and clay, duplos and playdough)

today they built with these old wooden beads

that used to be strung to hang curtain-like in a doorway

until the noise and the annoyance of having to pass through to enter that room

(which happened to be my room)

caused me to unstring them.

and i wonder,

when i am still for any space of time

(which has not happened much lately),

what they will build when they are grown.

then i dream of grand things

as i drift off to sleep

in whatever chair i had managed

to plop myself down into.

‘built’ taken from 78:69 in the psalms.

to start over

renew: to regain or restore the physical vigor of; to revive.

this is what some people do to things.


of north street crochet,

turns unwanted t-shirts into tarn (aka: t-shirt yarn).

he is meticulous at his craft making it such a pleasure

knitting up  ‘stature‘ with the work of his hands.

tomorrow you will be seeing more of his tarn as

the premiere issue of tangled is released.


of taddie bee knitting,

takes high end sweaters

(whose previous owners have

relegated them to the confines of a thrift store),

unknits them, treats them with tlc (tender loving care),

and makes lovely skeins of luxury yarns at  the ‘nice price’.

she and i have recently started to work together.

she sent the most luscious ivory skeins

and i am writing some patterns

for said luxury yarns.

in the process of tossing out ideas

(last week via ravelry mail)

one stuck with me.

now what started

as this.

has grown

(ever so quickly)

into a work in progress

with it’s own bits of personality

sort of bursting out all over the place.

and do i love being part of all this ‘bringing things into being again’?

yeah, you betcha’.

‘renew’ taken from 51:10 in the psalms.

wearing a groove

when i skated,

there was only on choice:

old fashioned skates,

but my sj got to choose

‘i want those!’ (in-line skates)

at the roller party i took her to

this past last weekend.

my knitting hung lazily over the rail of the rink

slowly getting longer and longer

as she used every muscle she could muster

to keep herself up and get herself around

over and over and ‘just one more time’ again.

and i was so glad the next morning

when all those muscles that she had called into service were screaming at her

‘ow, ouch and ouchie!’

that my happily knitting by memory fingers

are practiced enough at their craft

to just hum merrily along.


‘choice’ taken from 36:16 in job.


i admit that i miss them.

since the box went out two days ago,

i have often walked by the shelf where they had been

and done a double take with the feeling that something is amiss,

it is then i remember having packed them in, taped them up tight and sent them off.

it’s funny, designing.

you work hard on stuff you’re excited about

but you can’t chat about it, blog on it or show photos of it

and all too soon after the success of getting them ‘just the way you wanted’…

… they are gone.

mailed off to photo shoots

and final editing in places you’ve never been yourself.

the box that left this week headed to montana

to the offices of the new on-line publication tangled.

soon to be part of the premiere fall issue (going live in a few months).

to whet all our knitting appetites,

they have begun releasing fun free patterns already.

check this out by tracy and this one by brittany.

i find that i’m so looking forward to seeing

just what company my patterns

will be keeping there.

‘soon’ taken from 4:29 in the book of mark.

favorite jeans

ok, so hemp does not feel like denim,

but they do have something good in common.

they both get just a tad better everytime they are washed.

i don’t know why this is true,

i just know that it is.

my ‘go to’ scarf is made of allhemp6

the last hat i knit

(from someone else’s pattern)

was made of allhemp6lux

which is hemp ramped up a notch or two.


and now my newest pattern is allhemp6 in ‘chocolate’.

what girl doesn’t want to knit in a yarn with that name?



this stuff is so versatile.

it washes up soft, but it starts out on the stiff side.

this means that you can get something that is not meant to be conventionally washed

to do all sorts of neat twists and turns of construction.

in other words,

it’s a blast to play with.

and nearly indestructible.

not my washer

nor my dryer

nor any of my kids

have been able to ruin something knit in hemp.

and all of them, it seems, have inadvertently tried to.

‘ruin’ taken from 10:14 of proverbs.