i admit that i miss them.

since the box went out two days ago,

i have often walked by the shelf where they had been

and done a double take with the feeling that something is amiss,

it is then i remember having packed them in, taped them up tight and sent them off.

it’s funny, designing.

you work hard on stuff you’re excited about

but you can’t chat about it, blog on it or show photos of it

and all too soon after the success of getting them ‘just the way you wanted’…

… they are gone.

mailed off to photo shoots

and final editing in places you’ve never been yourself.

the box that left this week headed to montana

to the offices of the new on-line publication tangled.

soon to be part of the premiere fall issue (going live in a few months).

to whet all our knitting appetites,

they have begun releasing fun free patterns already.

check this out by tracy and this one by brittany.

i find that i’m so looking forward to seeing

just what company my patterns

will be keeping there.

‘soon’ taken from 4:29 in the book of mark.