we celebrate

it was just an ordinary saturday to almost everyone else at the bank.

my children took full advantage of all that ’empty’ space just waiting

to be filled with their happy squeals and dancing feet.

the notary very professionally did her job.

the people came and went.

i quietly wiped away

such sweet tears

from my eyes.

so sweet.

because after over three years of praying & waiting & praying some more,

we are in the final stages of adoption;

officially petitioning the state

for the right (which really feels like the priviledge)

to adopt the precious child we have felt was our own almost since birth.

so i was reminded, once again,

that we never really do know

just what is going on

for the strangers

right next to us.

because no-one knew that day what was going on for us –

the culmination of so many days, so many nights,

of hope and uncertainty and longing…

we are tired, but not broken,

and we are truly on the

final victory lap

right now!

‘victory’ taken from 12:16  in the book of job.

3 thoughts on “we celebrate

  1. Congratulations. I almost cried reading this. So true about never knowing what is going on with the person next to you.

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