the search is on

pull on your capes

(ala: sherlock holmes),

find the characters from children’s literature

behind the name of each pattern in

more knitting in the sun for kids‘, and win an autographed copy.

the official info is here.  the book behind vashti is ’round about here.

to inspire and motivate you to be diligent on your search

check out m. of dakine knits‘ wonderful striped

interpretation of my a-line hooded top.

this is one of my favorite things

about knitting, the


‘search’ taken from 1:33 in deuteronomy.

scavenger hunt

the friendly gals at ‘in the loop

agreed to give you part of the scoop

about how the name

given ‘vashti’ became

my choice, though you might have to snoop.

there’s a giveaway over at wiley starting very soon.

to win a copy of  ‘more knitting in the sun for kids‘ of your own you’ll need to go

to the bookstore link at the ‘in the loop’ blog and then find the website of the author

w/ the featured collection there.  1 of the 3 books on his site’s front page is the answer to

why i named this little hooded allhemp6LUX top ‘vashti‘ in the first place.

(be sure to check out his book ‘the north star’ while you’re there.  so good!)

‘vashti’ also taken from 1:16 in esther.

the corner of aioli & main


it is 7pm on a sunday night.

i am fumbling w/my first ever pattern proposal.

i have knit and  blocked the swatch, written a description,

and laid these out neatly in a word document.

i am just not able (try, try again as i may),

to sketch my idea for ‘vashti’ out clearly.

and i call my dad (next door),

say something convincing,

and then hover over

his shoulder as he

draws each line

(and redoes

the ones

i balk at).


‘vashti’ is now part of

more knitting in the sun for kids

only because dad bailed me out in the last hours

before the sand, in the hourglass

holding the minutes

until the submissions deadline, ran out.

thanks dad.

be sure to visit laura’s blog thursday,

it’s the next stop on the blog tour.

and thanks for stopping by.

photo of ‘vashti’ by nicole.

‘sand’ taken from 27:3 of proverbs.

sunny cali

the stitches that i knit

while wearing thick socks

cuddled up under a blanket

are now out & about in the warm

sea breeze filled air of coastal california

you’ll have to wait

for the big, full pictures

but doesn’t the slice you can see

look ever so happy to be out in the sun?

this interruption

to the typical new england

springtime variability outside

is brought to you by my

very high hopes

for balmy


to arrive at any time now

or in the extremely near future.

pic from life song photography

‘outside’ taken from 23:25 of matthew

favorite jeans

ok, so hemp does not feel like denim,

but they do have something good in common.

they both get just a tad better everytime they are washed.

i don’t know why this is true,

i just know that it is.

my ‘go to’ scarf is made of allhemp6

the last hat i knit

(from someone else’s pattern)

was made of allhemp6lux

which is hemp ramped up a notch or two.


and now my newest pattern is allhemp6 in ‘chocolate’.

what girl doesn’t want to knit in a yarn with that name?



this stuff is so versatile.

it washes up soft, but it starts out on the stiff side.

this means that you can get something that is not meant to be conventionally washed

to do all sorts of neat twists and turns of construction.

in other words,

it’s a blast to play with.

and nearly indestructible.

not my washer

nor my dryer

nor any of my kids

have been able to ruin something knit in hemp.

and all of them, it seems, have inadvertently tried to.

‘ruin’ taken from 10:14 of proverbs.