and yet again.

i’m not

very good at

knitting the same thing twice.

i get, well, bored.

but with ‘wild olive

i had very little choice.

the best ways

and best places

to do and to put

the crown’s decreases

were determined to elude me

and they fought

the good fight,

those pesky

little things.

so i


and then knit

and then reknit

and reknit yet again.

in the end

these two good

things happened:

1. the decreases got just right

and last but definitely not least

2. i can show you lots of photos of lots of yarns

that i knit into lots of happy little ‘wild olive’ berets.

‘twice’ taken from 43:10 in genesis

sunny cali

the stitches that i knit

while wearing thick socks

cuddled up under a blanket

are now out & about in the warm

sea breeze filled air of coastal california

you’ll have to wait

for the big, full pictures

but doesn’t the slice you can see

look ever so happy to be out in the sun?

this interruption

to the typical new england

springtime variability outside

is brought to you by my

very high hopes

for balmy


to arrive at any time now

or in the extremely near future.

pic from life song photography

‘outside’ taken from 23:25 of matthew


so i have been bursting …pop…

…pop… with wanting to write

of my patterns in the upcoming petite purls green issue.

to not,  i have written nothing for days.

and tomorrow,

the issue goes live.

finally you can see the fantastic photos that nicole took

of ‘stature’ and ‘how precious’.


for tonight it is raining.

the kind that closes roads and fills up cellars.

my neighbor up the road

had firemen at her house pumping water out and shutting down the furnace.

my neighbor down the road has to park her car at the end of her driveway

and actually row in a rowboat to get to her house.

patterns and photos seem pretty small

by comparison, no?


‘the sun’ll come out tomorrow

betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow they’ll be sun’

(can’t you just hear her singing along as you read?)


‘silence’ taken from 94:17 of the psalms.