tomorrow & today


a picture paints

a thousand words,

then why

can’t i

paint You?

the words will never show

the You i’ve come to know

and if

a face could launch a thousand ships, then where am i to go?

there’s no-one home but You.  You’re all that’s left me to

and when the sun and stars have all gone out …

‘if’ by bread.

‘words’ taken from 4:4 of job.

sunny cali

the stitches that i knit

while wearing thick socks

cuddled up under a blanket

are now out & about in the warm

sea breeze filled air of coastal california

you’ll have to wait

for the big, full pictures

but doesn’t the slice you can see

look ever so happy to be out in the sun?

this interruption

to the typical new england

springtime variability outside

is brought to you by my

very high hopes

for balmy


to arrive at any time now

or in the extremely near future.

pic from life song photography

‘outside’ taken from 23:25 of matthew