petite purls.

the go-to site for free child sized knitting patterns

is no more. sigh.

that’s the bad news, but that’s not all.

 the good news is that

you should begin to see

the patterns you loved from petite purls

show up as pdf downloads on ravelry.petite purls collagei’ve just gotten my four up and running.

stature, asa, asa up-sized, and how precious at your service.

now, who’s going to do the hard work

of getting another kid focused

on-line magazine going?

tag, you’re it.

‘running’ taken from 5:15 of proverbs.

top right and bottom left photos by nicole ratliff.

top left and bottom right photos by brandy fortune.


so i have been bursting …pop…

…pop… with wanting to write

of my patterns in the upcoming petite purls green issue.

to not,  i have written nothing for days.

and tomorrow,

the issue goes live.

finally you can see the fantastic photos that nicole took

of ‘stature’ and ‘how precious’.


for tonight it is raining.

the kind that closes roads and fills up cellars.

my neighbor up the road

had firemen at her house pumping water out and shutting down the furnace.

my neighbor down the road has to park her car at the end of her driveway

and actually row in a rowboat to get to her house.

patterns and photos seem pretty small

by comparison, no?


‘the sun’ll come out tomorrow

betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow they’ll be sun’

(can’t you just hear her singing along as you read?)


‘silence’ taken from 94:17 of the psalms.



this is rare in my house.

but the flies on the wall heard it (or didn’t)

yesterday morning.

i stayed home from church with my boy

who was very mellowed from a fever

as he cut construction paper colors into ‘different shapes’

when i asked him ‘what shapes?’

he said ‘every one is different’.

i started to tell him that snow flakes are like that, too.

he was not amused.

silence again.

sitting on the floor beside him

with bits of red and black paper clinging to my hair, my socks, my knitting…

and finally with a huge sigh of release,

i finish the decreases for my newest hat pattern.

doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment

i know

but this is my third prototype

and my 5th or 6th go at the decreases themselves.

having started it last november

it took a deadline breathing down my neck to get this done.

and get it done it i did with a full 19 or 20 hours to spare.


now we hear this:

the silence of  being content.

‘almost’ and ‘silence’ taken from 94:17 in the book of psalms.