this is rare in my house.

but the flies on the wall heard it (or didn’t)

yesterday morning.

i stayed home from church with my boy

who was very mellowed from a fever

as he cut construction paper colors into ‘different shapes’

when i asked him ‘what shapes?’

he said ‘every one is different’.

i started to tell him that snow flakes are like that, too.

he was not amused.

silence again.

sitting on the floor beside him

with bits of red and black paper clinging to my hair, my socks, my knitting…

and finally with a huge sigh of release,

i finish the decreases for my newest hat pattern.

doesn’t sound like much of an accomplishment

i know

but this is my third prototype

and my 5th or 6th go at the decreases themselves.

having started it last november

it took a deadline breathing down my neck to get this done.

and get it done it i did with a full 19 or 20 hours to spare.


now we hear this:

the silence of  being content.

‘almost’ and ‘silence’ taken from 94:17 in the book of psalms.

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  1. Cute story…I hope your boy is feeling better…

    That reference reminds me of a short essay I read on “salvation”. That verse explains her point perfectly. 🙂

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