these words

when my friend helene created this website for me

she added the blog

then she told me i must write

now, i like to write

just hadn’t made much time for it what with raising 3 kids and managing my household.

and i’ve enjoyed this place to put my thoughts and photos and knitting…

but, i still don’t have much time

so i don’t read other blogs

i’m sure it would be great fun

and someday i think the waking hours of my days will not be quite so jammed full

of all the daily stuff that young kids require and read i will.

still, last week i got a sunshine award

and now i can pass the cheer on

to 12 other blogs

so i need some help here.

anybody got a blog that they’d like to nominate?  or two?  or three?

‘these words’ & b’write’ taken from 6:6-9 of deuteronomy.