petite purls.

the go-to site for free child sized knitting patterns

is no more. sigh.

that’s the bad news, but that’s not all.

 the good news is that

you should begin to see

the patterns you loved from petite purls

show up as pdf downloads on ravelry.petite purls collagei’ve just gotten my four up and running.

stature, asa, asa up-sized, and how precious at your service.

now, who’s going to do the hard work

of getting another kid focused

on-line magazine going?

tag, you’re it.

‘running’ taken from 5:15 of proverbs.

top right and bottom left photos by nicole ratliff.

top left and bottom right photos by brandy fortune.

playing catch up


has been a year

of merrily knitting along

at a consistently rapid pace.

and somehow my secretarial skills

(really my organizational skills)

lagged sadly


so in honor of 2012 being just around the corner,

i’m attempting to get caught up.

today i added:

6 nearly new,

1 newly translated

(‘stature’ into russian),

1 link (‘cobblestone vest’

now available for individual sale)

and 1 absolutely new pattern

(see pic at right).

you can check them all out here.

whew! and

now back to knitting.


‘rapid’ taken from 5:8 in ezra.


so i have been bursting …pop…

…pop… with wanting to write

of my patterns in the upcoming petite purls green issue.

to not,  i have written nothing for days.

and tomorrow,

the issue goes live.

finally you can see the fantastic photos that nicole took

of ‘stature’ and ‘how precious’.


for tonight it is raining.

the kind that closes roads and fills up cellars.

my neighbor up the road

had firemen at her house pumping water out and shutting down the furnace.

my neighbor down the road has to park her car at the end of her driveway

and actually row in a rowboat to get to her house.

patterns and photos seem pretty small

by comparison, no?


‘the sun’ll come out tomorrow

betcha bottom dollar that tomorrow they’ll be sun’

(can’t you just hear her singing along as you read?)


‘silence’ taken from 94:17 of the psalms.

such things

i have been holding off writing

because what i’m working on i’m not at liberty to tell all about.

i’m not so good with telling half of the story.

i’m more a truth straight ahead at full steam kind of gal.

but, i was told by my friends at the taunton s’n’b last night that partial telling

is what’s done in cases like this.

here’s my best foot forward on that front.

etsy fascinates me.

i really, really like all that handmade creative stuff set in one place

just waiting for me to wander through.

all those many ideas make me think.

and that is where i found mike of north street crochet.

this man meticulously, in his free time, turns unused t-shirts into yarn.

sturdy and machine washable in worsted or bulky weight

the official name for this fiber is ‘tarn’.


i’ve been

working with it.

have created a pattern.

have had that pattern accepted by petite purls.

will have that pattern available there when the spring issue goes live in mid-march.

boy, oh boy.

(a little peek)

i have so much more to say.  but, i won’t

just yet.

i’ll be good.

‘think’ taken from 4:8 of philipians.