those in glass houses

the urge is to tell my sweet man,

that he owns too many shovels.  i mean,

really, how many shovels does it take to move snow?

but when asked, he can explain the how and the why of each one.

‘different kinds of snow, require different kinds of shovels’, he’ll tell you if you ask.IMG_8976crop

only a portion of his ‘collection’ sits in front of the garage door.

he can launch into counterbalance

and grip,

explain the uses of metal vs plastic edges,

and expound on handle length as applied to leverage

in the wink of an eye…

now, part of me wants to snicker a little.

that he is so scientific about shovels

strikes me as funny.

then again,

who am i to talk?

i choose bamboo vs metal knitting needles

based on the yarns i’m going to use,

buy the same needles with different tip lengths

for different projects,

and certainly i could go on and on about

round vs square vs hexagonal needles and what they all do best.

truth is, he’s been doing the work of shoveling longer than i’ve been knitting,

so i should be happy he knows the tools so well.

that’s what i want him to feel about

my knitting needles and me,


‘work’ taken from 15:7 of second corinthians.

the horizon

three days ago

i dropped my oldest off at camp.

overnight camp – for seven days for the very first time.

surely she’s making friends and having a great time.

the lake was so lovely and the people so nice, that i wanted

to grab a bunk and stay myself.  truly, i did.

her being away just makes home different.

it’s not quiet here as i’ve got 3 kids remaining of my own,

and often 3 or so from the neighborhood on any given day,

but the space filled by my oldest is oddly empty.

this puts me in a thinking mood.

i’m seeing some personal ruts i want to break out of,

some walls i want to break down,

and pondering what new adventures i want to begin…

as a small start, i have this lovely _

(in the colorway ‘confiture’)

from julie asselin.

the adventure part is that i have in mind

a shape that is new to me (although not uncommon)

and i want it to be somewhat lacy.

not this kind of lacy

(don’t get your hopes up), but lacy none-the-less.

since things feel different here this week,

i’m also revved up to try my new square needles from knitter’s pride.

IMG_5601cropi wasn’t sure how they would feel to hold in my hands,

but although they feel different,

they don’t feel square.

the wood is smooth and warm (as opposed to the chill of some metallics).

the grain is very pretty which makes my artistic side happy.

my practical side didn’t really care what they looked like one little bit,

but it’s glad that the artistic side of me isn’t griping.

i’ll need to knit a little more with them

to find the words to describe

just how they feel


maybe i’ll be able to explain

about the same time my sweet girl arrives home

full of stories and new outlooks and penpals galore.  can’t wait.

playing catch up


has been a year

of merrily knitting along

at a consistently rapid pace.

and somehow my secretarial skills

(really my organizational skills)

lagged sadly


so in honor of 2012 being just around the corner,

i’m attempting to get caught up.

today i added:

6 nearly new,

1 newly translated

(‘stature’ into russian),

1 link (‘cobblestone vest’

now available for individual sale)

and 1 absolutely new pattern

(see pic at right).

you can check them all out here.

whew! and

now back to knitting.


‘rapid’ taken from 5:8 in ezra.