playing catch up


has been a year

of merrily knitting along

at a consistently rapid pace.

and somehow my secretarial skills

(really my organizational skills)

lagged sadly


so in honor of 2012 being just around the corner,

i’m attempting to get caught up.

today i added:

6 nearly new,

1 newly translated

(‘stature’ into russian),

1 link (‘cobblestone vest’

now available for individual sale)

and 1 absolutely new pattern

(see pic at right).

you can check them all out here.

whew! and

now back to knitting.


‘rapid’ taken from 5:8 in ezra.

the tipster

thanks to amy detjen‘s post here,

double knitting just got that much easier.

my duplicity cowl is meant to be a starter project.

if you can knit in the round, then double knitting

is the only new skill required.

and here are a couple

of other double knit projects

that i’d like to try my hands at:

amy christoffer‘s ‘feather in your cap’

(knit here by indigotweed)

and kalinumba‘s

yasmin fingerless mittens.

these look, to me,

like magnified henna tatoos

must be really warm, too

as they’re 2 layers thick.

what double knit pattern

do you really want to cast on?

‘feather’ taken from 39:13 in the book of job.

the opposite of being undecided

today knitcircus released their winter 2011 issue.

sold as part of that collection is my ‘duplicity’.

inspired by the stark branches of winter as

they set against the cool midday sky,

i wanted it to be a clutch

but it balked

and became a reversible buttoned cowl instead.

it’s double knit so that there are no strands to be carried across

the long stretches of color.

this also allows the mc and cc

 to swap places on opposite sides.

i was thrilled for the opportunity

to try classic elite yarn’s

eco-friendly yarn


it’s softness

was a surprise

since it’s partly made

of nettles, but soft and fairly silky it is.

the wool takes dye differently

than the nettle fibers do,

so the yarn has a way of looking solid & heathery at the very same time

…already my mind is racing to work out the details

of the next project i will knit in this fiber

whose nettles belie it’s smoothness.

now, there’s some duplicity for you.

‘duplicity’ taken from 11:3 in proverbs.