and yet again.

i’m not

very good at

knitting the same thing twice.

i get, well, bored.

but with ‘wild olive

i had very little choice.

the best ways

and best places

to do and to put

the crown’s decreases

were determined to elude me

and they fought

the good fight,

those pesky

little things.

so i


and then knit

and then reknit

and reknit yet again.

in the end

these two good

things happened:

1. the decreases got just right

and last but definitely not least

2. i can show you lots of photos of lots of yarns

that i knit into lots of happy little ‘wild olive’ berets.

‘twice’ taken from 43:10 in genesis

to rehang or not to

‘ok is good enough for us’

this is the unofficial ‘family motto’ of the cousins we vacation with each august

(just to be clear, this is my side of the family, not d’s)

and i do my best to suppress a little smile

everytime i hear

one of my driven, nearly over-achieving, all but perfectionistic cousins

slide this phrase off the tip of their tongue

while they play with the warm beach sand underfoot

and if you didn’t know better, you might even believe that they mean it.

but i know better.

still, today i had one of those days.

a bonafide ‘okay really is good enough for me’ day.

now, i was tired from knitting way too far into the night last night

to finish the bit

that absolutely had to get into the post today

to be expressed to the other side of the country to get the photos taken

to meet next week’s deadline.

truth be told

it may be lame,

but this is my excuse

for what happened next.

i heard the hand towel ‘plop’

onto the downstairs bathroom floor

(i have at this stage of the game fine tuned my mother radar to precision)

and called out ‘you pick that up. now! do you hear me? please…’

later, when i got round to actually checking to see that my words had been heeded

what i saw caused me to grab my canon powershot and shoot.

on a different day i might have sighed,

or forced the culprit to rehang

or yelled

or cried.

but not today.

today i smiled & whistled a bit

as i carried out my afternoon

with the artistry of it still circling in my head.

see, i’m just overtired

or i’m finally beginning to lose my grip.

but, perhaps i’m gaining some perspective.

let’s go ahead and say it’s that last one.

that one sounds

the very most


‘enough’ taken from 24:25 of genesis.