ear to ink to fiber

i am, admittedly, a process knitter.

i am also a recovering perfectionist, so there it is.

in that vein of things,

here is the beginning to now of the ‘rib and button scarf‘.

it is a far from flaw-free process,

but since i aim to ‘recover’ from my perfectionistic bent,

i think i must accept the process, blemishes and all…

so this (radio city music hall):

inspired these:

which in the early stages of

becoming real looked like this:

(note how very unblocked and quite wrinkled it is

from me carrying it all about

to knit it here and there as i went along)







in the end,

all semi-solid

and buttoned up cozy,

wound up in

Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2011

looking like this:

and it sure did

come a long way, baby.

‘carried’ taken from 10:5 in jeremiah.

bottom photo courtesy of interweave knits.

‘rios’ in teal feather courtesy of malabrigo yarn.

and yet again.

i’m not

very good at

knitting the same thing twice.

i get, well, bored.

but with ‘wild olive

i had very little choice.

the best ways

and best places

to do and to put

the crown’s decreases

were determined to elude me

and they fought

the good fight,

those pesky

little things.

so i


and then knit

and then reknit

and reknit yet again.

in the end

these two good

things happened:

1. the decreases got just right

and last but definitely not least

2. i can show you lots of photos of lots of yarns

that i knit into lots of happy little ‘wild olive’ berets.

‘twice’ taken from 43:10 in genesis