8 thoughts on “nearly wordless wednesday: ready for test knitting

    • i know nearly july is not the time for bulky weight, but when the yarn calls, the yarn calls. and this stuff is cozy!

      • Summer is when I knit warm socks and hats and mittens and so on. Then I’m ready for winter! 🙂 I like the hat a lot.

        • thank you. more pics and the pattern soon.

          knitting for cold weather in the warm weather (and visa versa) makes so much sense. my ‘knitting plans’ are a lot less organized than that. i’ve got a summer cardi i started last winter (jan 2013) that’s still not done. it’s close though and i might get it finished to wear for indian summer this september. or, there’s always next summer…smile.

    • it’s basic, but fun. sometimes you just need something quick and easy to feel like you’ve accomplished something. you know?

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