a little to the left

placement is key.

in trying to make these

mountain colors hand-painted mitts

simple enough that i could work them without a pattern

(after i’d gotten through two or three pair to learn the way),

i find that just where all the bits go matters so very much.

IMG_5152cropi started with one cable.

that left a big,

awkward swath of

reverse stockinette

at the base of the thumb.

no good.

without reworking the rest,

i tried a second cable

at the base of the thumb,

but then it seemed

to rise up out of nothing and

i didn’t like it a bit.

7ef426673050a557eacd6344248513afthere aren’t that many


to work with here

so i figure

every time i knit them wrong,

i’m getting closer

to the few options left

of where they

really do belong.

slow but steady wins

the race.

‘key’ taken from 11:52 of luke.

as fast as i choose

i don’t often feel

rushed or hurried by outside forces.

i’m pretty easy going in my days and at ease in my nights.

but on days like today, the rate of speed at which my head

is churning out new ideas


to topple me into something like stress

or nearer to chaos than i want to choose to live.

IMG_4903conttime for ice cream, a breath of prayer and a little strumming

in my prototype mountain colors glove

to set me back on course.

‘breath’ taken from 1:17 of 2nd corinthians.

do the twist

any yarn can be cabled,

but not all of them do it well.

with a yarn that is too soft, you loose the crisp detail.

with a yarn too stiff, the gaps from pulling to twist the cables don’t fill in quite right.

IMG_4346cropi adore this simple cable knit up in

mountain colors hand-painted yarns’ ‘3 ply wool’

(shown in the colorway ‘sandstone’).

lots of stitch definition

and enough give to make the cabling look unforced.

today i’m still swatching,

but i feel like the yarn and i have almost

come to an agreement over what it intends to be.

more pics and the inspiration behind the process soon…

‘give’ taken from 18:36 in the psalms.