as if knitting with

the ‘kelp’ worsted from nice & knit

isn’t amazing enough, i bought a tin of their

‘lifesaver’ stitch markers. they’re the ones i was talking about

back over here.

in their generosity,

katie and kara, threw in an extra tin of markers

so i could give it away to one of you.IMG_0493crop

yeah!  how i love to know that one of you will be extra happy

to win such a sweet treat.

to enter to win, go and check out all the

rich, vibrant colors that the gals have dyed up,

then leave a comment below

telling me which color you’d most want to

have with you

if you were stuck on a desert island

and you could only have one colorway (oh horror!).

ready? go!

(you have until tuesday at noon,

eastern standard time,

to leave your


i’ll pick a winner by rng

and announce it here that same day, by 5pm).

can’t wait to read what color and why…’

‘island’ taken from 27:25-27 of acts.

27 thoughts on “savoring

  1. I love them all. I would pick barnacle because it is light and bright and looks like the water that I will be surrounded by on my desert island 🙂

  2. all the colors are so lovely – I just put ‘surf’ down for the night, ‘kelp’ is my usual go to color, and ‘oyster’ and ‘anchor’ go with everything. But I think on the proverbial deserted island, I would need ‘peony’. The gorgeous pink would make me smile on those early days of stranded-ness, but I can almost see the color fading after constant exposure to sun, salt and sand to the soft pink that would remind me of a sunset.

  3. Ocean spray seems a very appropriate color for one stranded on an desert island. At least you could knit up a flag that might get you saved by a passing airplane!

  4. I’m usually a blue chooser, but looking at all the gorgeous colours, Sailor’s Sky is the one I’d choose. It reminds me of my dad’s saying “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight!” forecasting the next day’s weather. My dad was a sailor, serving in the Canadian Navy during WWII. Sailor’s Sky just speaks to me!

  5. Beach Rose would be the one I would pick if I had ONE color choice. 🙂
    Beach Rose is my favorite because it reminds me of my family. Mainly the women, because we tend to have rosy cheeks when we are happy. It reminds me of my Mother, whom has been gone for two years now, and my Grandmothers. I have such fond memories. Ever since we moved to Mass, it has become tradition for Mother’s Day to go to the beach and walk or sit & knit while remembering the good times we shared with them.

  6. You’d think that would be easy, but it was a very tough task to choose the color I couldn’t survive without. I have chosen Kelp, because it is delicious, but it would have been easier to choose the one I couldn’t survive without . . . WAIT . . . nope, it wouldn’t.

  7. I’d have to choose the kelp! It’s such a lovely saturated green! If I could sneak more colors along I might grab some of the blues and purples to go with it…

  8. High tide- it will be a constant reminder that I’m stuck on a desert island, eventually, it will drive me mad enough to fashion a raft and sail home to go buy all the color ways

  9. My choice would be Sailor’s Sky
    And so you ask why oh why
    So rich is the hue of the purple dye
    And add a little pink to that evening sky
    The perfect color for that island at nigh

  10. I choose oyster… I think is great for add some seeds that I will found while I’m walking around the island…

  11. I would choose Canal. Beautiful blue waters that make you feel safe in its confines. Love all the colors!

  12. The bisque worsted looks so delicate and it’s raining here today and the ground smells good…like I should be knitting socks!

  13. I like Buoy. It reminds me of orange sherbet – and who doesn’t like orange sherbet?

  14. I love harpoon. It’s so classic. It seems like it could be anything! So on a desert island I could knit, unravel, and knit again…

  15. The colors are all lovely! I am most drawn to the vibrant energy of Bayside. I love those efficient little markers in the sleek container! Thanks for the fun contest!

  16. The Bouy is the one that really jumped out at me. Nice and bright and cheerful. Which I’m thinking would be much needed if stranded 😉

  17. I love the soothing, calming colors of Saltmarsh and Bisque. I have been knitting with all Blues and Purples lately, and these would be a nice change of pace. Worthy of King Neptune!

  18. I had a hard time deciding between Kelp and Nutmeg, but think I’d go with Nutmeg – it looks like a colorway that would lend itself to almost any kind of project.

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