and the winner is…

mamayaga! congrats.

‘the songlines collection’ will be sent to you via ravelry shortly.songlines_Collage_mediumbe sure to pop into the songlines knitalong 2015 thread of ambah’s rav group.

it’s always extra fun to make something

in a happy, group of people

who love yarn

and knitting, of course,

just as much as you do, right?

and for those who didn’t win this time, check out fellow designer karen’s blog.

you can enter to win your own copy of the collection over there until the 16th.

two days ago, i picked the yarn combo

to make my own ‘yindela‘.12106105_1669841606590300_1944966418_n_medium2i have just one more deadline project to cast off

and a few loose ends to clear up,

and then i get jump into this new, fun knitting.

i’m so ready.

‘jump’ taken from 14:10 of acts.


we all remember,

the #2 pencils, in classic school bus yellow, right?

i still buy my kids new packs for school each fall.

the thing is, that when you write with them

you don’t feel the edges

of the hexagonal shape, you only feel

the control you have of the overall pencil.

now, i’d tried square knitting needles.

a friend liked them and raved about the control she felt over the stitches

when using them.

i used them for a bit,

but they always felt ‘square’ in my hands.

i could feel the four edges against my fingers as i worked with them.

never could really get used to that feeling.

the extra control i felt of the stitches using them was so great,

that i was sad to lose it when i went back to regular round needles,

but, the squareness through me.

then this past january

i met pam and her husband in their booth at vklive.

the company name intrigued me (indian lake artisans)IMG_0441sat

and they had needles and yarn out to test, so i knit a little.

i expected to feel the edges, just like with the square needles,

but i truly didn’t.

i giddily tried some yo’s and ssk’s.

sure enough, the control was there in spades.

i walked around the exhibit floor a bit more and came back

just to be sure that my wanting them to be wonderful

wasn’t coloring my vision of their reality.

2nd, and 3rd time around

(i am so not an impulse buyer),

they felt just as nice in my hands and i had all that extra grip, too.

i bought a pair of size 10’s on the spot

and used them, and my yarnit,

to knit a little hat in cey chateau over the course of the weekend.

sometimes it all just comes together.

these needles feel to me like finding an old friend in a stranger.

that’s rare, i know,

but when it happens, it’s gold!

if you want to buy yourself a pair

to see that what i’m talking about is true,

use the code ‘talitha’ (all lowercast letters) at checkout

on the indian lake artisans website and they’ve agreed to give us all free shipping.

i’ll be placing my order by the end of the week…

‘vision’ taken from 20:8 of job.


as if knitting with

the ‘kelp’ worsted from nice & knit

isn’t amazing enough, i bought a tin of their

‘lifesaver’ stitch markers. they’re the ones i was talking about

back over here.

in their generosity,

katie and kara, threw in an extra tin of markers

so i could give it away to one of you.IMG_0493crop

yeah!  how i love to know that one of you will be extra happy

to win such a sweet treat.

to enter to win, go and check out all the

rich, vibrant colors that the gals have dyed up,

then leave a comment below

telling me which color you’d most want to

have with you

if you were stuck on a desert island

and you could only have one colorway (oh horror!).

ready? go!

(you have until tuesday at noon,

eastern standard time,

to leave your


i’ll pick a winner by rng

and announce it here that same day, by 5pm).

can’t wait to read what color and why…’

‘island’ taken from 27:25-27 of acts.

it’s the little things

i read ahead when i’m knitting someone else’s pattern.

when i’m writing up a new pattern, i plan ahead.

still, my tendency is to get in the groove of

the ribbing, or the stockinette,

and to blow right by

the place where i’m supposed to increase, or cable, or work an edging.

the only way i’ve found to stop myself is this:

i use stitch markers as ‘stop’ signs,

to me a stitch marker means stop, look, read and follow

the directions before proceeding.

problem is i lose stitch markers like other people

lose sunglasses or second mittens.

to compound the matter,

anything dangling off of a stitch marker

plain old annoys me.  also,

i like double stitch markers at the beginning of the round

so anything too thick is not to my liking either.

i guess i’m fussy, but i know what i want.lifesaversenter nice & knit’s new life savers.

these are my ideal.

streamlined silver rings, narrow enough to be doubled up,

and as an added bonus they come in small and large sizes

(you know how much i love the heavier yarns

and bigger needles).

i just cast on this week for a new cardi

and used these stitch markers.

they glide along so that i hardly know they’re there,

but they’re substantial enough that i

don’t forget to stop.

summary: they make me happy,

so now i’m headed off with them to knit a little more.

photo courtesy of nice & knit.

‘stop’ taken from 37:14-15 of job.

of course, a train conductor

this is the picture

that i wanted to take today:

‘kelp’ in the sun (it’s nice & knit worsted).IMG_8979crioa lovely box of this color arrived just this week and made me smile.

maybe spring isn’t coming soon, but this is spring-like.

next, below is the picture

that my 4yr old wanted me to take today.

he says that the conductor just trekked across ‘wastelands of snow’IMG_8982 again(see the ‘wastelands’ in the background),

then hiked up the yarn mountain to find spring.

see how he holds a piece of ‘spring’ above his head with his right hand

to show his mastery over winter?

and the sun shone all day.

how was i to know

that one little plastic man

(and my son’s avid imagination)

would be all it takes to lead us around the corner

into sunshine, receding snow, and spring?

someone give that little man a cookie quick,

before he moves on to

greener pastures.

hand one to his 4yr old friend, too.

‘green’ taken from 17:8 of jeremiah.