el hilo

two of my knitting friends,

m & m, were here last friday.

we were all sitting contentedly

around the island in my kitchen

when m noticed that

all three of us

were knitting with green yarn

from knit picks.

m & i were working

with comfy worsted

(she in grass and i in jalepeno)

while the other m worked

quickly along using

wool of the andes in evergreen.

funny that we all would have picked green projects to work on at the same time, no?

and don’t forget now, there are just two days left to leave a comment here

and be entered to win enough wool of the andes to knit up merciful.

‘picked’ taken from 14:20 in matthew.


it was a day of ice cream

eaten outside with spoons held in mudcaked hands

way, way up high in the swing set fort.

this was my first time ever (d finished it late last fall)

and wow!

so what if spring’s not here yet,

the mud, fever (spring fever that is) and even a couple of bugs were all seen today by my brood.

and the youngest decided

that the knit picks comfy i’m knitting the ‘like an owl’ pullover in

was just too yummy to keep her hands off of.

so, while i was knitting on one end

she was jabbing the skein

fairly rhythmically

with a shiny ‘g’


saying, ‘look mama, i’m knitting.  look mama, i’m knitting.  look mama…’

(you get the point).

can’t say as i blame her

this stuff is ‘cozy-up to me real quick’

and ‘never let go’ super soft.

(also machine washable and all that.  whee!)










i’m done the back and 1/2 way up the left front

and the speed at which it is becoming a sweaterish thing is keeping me ever so


‘never’ taken from 7:46 in the book of john.


apparently, i am part cat

as i have found myself inching across the rug

as the morning wears on, to keep squarely in the shaft of sunlight

streaming in through the southside windows of the livingroom.

and trailing along close behind

is my newest knitting

in ‘jalapeno‘.

i have not

(i repeat not),

started the ‘owls’ sweater that i am supposed to be mid-kal on at this point.

the other kal gals are finished to halfway done.


i want to make changes to it as i go

and am currently without

the required sleep

to do so.

instead i have cast on suss cousins‘ open front pullover.

this i intend to knit as written;

well, almost

except for shortening the sleeves and mangling the gauge.

(for now that’s the best i can do

at ‘leaving it alone’).

‘cast’ taken from 21:6 in the book of john.