every last yard

well, not quite every last yard.

but, really i’ve only enough left now

for a few little mini-toys that will be holiday gifts…

i had amassed


quite a collection

of wool of the andes

– all partial balls

in many different colors.

when i saw allison haas‘ sweet alluvia

in the idp at knit picks,

i knew i’d found

the way out from under

my growing pile of orphan skeins of ‘wool of the andes.

this is such a well written pattern,

and just by changing the colors or strap,

you can morph it’s personality completely.

next up for me of allison’s patterns

is litha from issue #13 of knitcircus magazine.

the little cables and eyelets of this hat are a wonderful combination.

i’ll be sporting one by the new year.

i just have to stop waffling and pick which worsted weight yarn to use.

‘different’ taken from 4:7 of 1st corinthians.


here’s my morning

in a snapshot.


in a favorite cup

(by special request).

the blocking pins

that mama dropped

on the way

to some other

childhood emergency.

clear packing tape

that mama

didn’t put up

quite high enough

after sealing up ashley’s

wool of the andes prize box.

and here her blog gets quoted, ‘mamahood is never dull’.  so true.

‘quoted’ taken from 4:7 in hebrews.

it’s electric

i got the prize box of wool of the andes out to take this pic:

and once i had the skeins out

my kids took over.

they had been pretending to vacuum

and discovered that they could

pull the retractable cord

way, way out.

i had kiboshed the idea

of them plugging it into the wall alone

so they got creative on me.

begs for a caption, doesn’t it?

something like

“get plugged in at knit picks”

and i’ll tell you,

the box didn’t rev up

the vacuum and clean house,

but it made me smile.

knit picks always



back to

the winner.


to ‘ashley, unscripted‘.

very soon a box (sans holes)

will be on it’s way to you and your needles.

enjoy it!

and for those of you longing to win

who didn’t get to this time,

keep your eyes peeled.

i’ll be announcing

the very next


this wednesday afternoon (11/17).

it’s another fun one to be sure.

‘longing’ taken from 13:12 of proverbs.

el hilo

two of my knitting friends,

m & m, were here last friday.

we were all sitting contentedly

around the island in my kitchen

when m noticed that

all three of us

were knitting with green yarn

from knit picks.

m & i were working

with comfy worsted

(she in grass and i in jalepeno)

while the other m worked

quickly along using

wool of the andes in evergreen.

funny that we all would have picked green projects to work on at the same time, no?

and don’t forget now, there are just two days left to leave a comment here

and be entered to win enough wool of the andes to knit up merciful.

‘picked’ taken from 14:20 in matthew.

and now you know the rest of the story.

(can’t you just hear the npr voice in your head?

although the name of the man who made the byline famous escapes me…)

merciful‘ was released

by knit picks


i love this bag.

i carry the original

rendition of it

with me often.


my youngest daughter came earlier than expected.

so much earlier in fact that, although i knew i wanted to knit something special for her,

something all her own,

i still had no idea

what that would be

when we brought her home.

after a while i decided on a babette blanket as i’m a huge fan of graphics for babies.

i replaced all the edges with ‘circus peanut’ orange to make the middles really pop.

she spent many, many hours playing on this blanket

learning to both roll over

and to crawl on it.

such memories.

as i am want to do

i originally misjudged

just how much

blue sky alpaca dyed cotton

i would need to finish it.

but, i have learned that i am bad at this.

now i always buy more than i think i need

so as not to get caught short.

in this case i went overboard with my estimates

and wound up with almost 2 full skeins (of 6 different colors) leftover.

‘merciful’ was the result of figuring out just what to do with all that gorgeous yarn.

it’s knit in the round

all in one piece

(except for the i-cord straps)

including an inner knit lining,

this bag is much easier to make

than it looks like it might be.

what seems to be colorwork

is really just two strands

of two different solid colored yarns

(wool of the andes worsted)

mixing and mingling to it’s heart’s content.

happy yarn is always a good thing in my book.  smile.

knit picks was generous,

as they tend to be,

so they sent me the extra yarn

to make up three

different color combinations.

choosing 6 colors

to knit up into 12 color combinations

can get a little tricky,

i was really thankful to be able

to work these out ahead of time.

(my guy just walked by and knew the answer to the question – as he always does,

“who said this at the end of his every broadcast?”.

“paul harvey”.)

‘generous’ taken from 11:25 in proverbs.


just some snippets of a typical day.

‘over the salt sea’ very early in the morning light

(nice and neat in its brand new ‘cake’ thanks to w and j)

mid-morning snack

a little nerf basketball just because ‘why not?’

literal mud pies (in pie pans and garnished with lawn grass no less)

lunch (they even ate a few vegetables without really noticing)

i said ‘go ahead outside and paint’ while i cleaned up the dishes.

earlier they had been painting the driveway with water in little cups

(sounds crazy, i know, but they were really enjoying themselves).

so, i assumed (there’s the place where i went wrong)

that they knew i meant continue painting with water on the driveway.

they painted with mud on the sides of the house.

next time i will so be more specific.

‘tuesday’ by david wiesner.  i highly recommend it.

swatches in the early evening sun.

(& no, these aren’t part of the mystery kal bag.  that one’s under wraps for now, silly.)

‘very early in the morning’ taken from 16:2 of mark.


my eldest

has been home

sick and still sick.

looking for restful things to do

& wanting any way to play with the new little

sleepy owl,

she made him a bed.

really i guess it’s more like

a blanket to snuggle down into

which is perfect in the midst of the rain

and more rain that we’re having currently.

‘the brighter, the better’ is to her current liking

so i took the pic above to give you an idea of the intent of the gift.

it’s a good thing, really that the little guy has his eyes closed.

otherwise his sleepytime quilt might jar the sweet dreams right out of him

or at the very least wake him fully up.

here’s what it really looks like.

zip, zap, zut, zinger and zowy!

i love the enthusiasm of it.

i’m gonna wear less black

‘cuz this is too much fun

(don’t cha think?)

to be missing

out on.

‘wake’ taken from 57:8 of the book of psalms.

from falling

karla‘s little guys.

i just want to make them all.

amigurumi sleepy owl is the newest.

i found some leftover knit picks wool of the andes

in just the right colors

and hooked him up.

serioulsy cute.


and i followed

the pattern to a ‘t’

except for the eyes …

and the feet (to balance out the eyes).

you know me.  had to change something.

‘eyes’ & ‘feet’ taken from 116:8 of the psalms.