every last yard

well, not quite every last yard.

but, really i’ve only enough left now

for a few little mini-toys that will be holiday gifts…

i had amassed


quite a collection

of wool of the andes

– all partial balls

in many different colors.

when i saw allison haas‘ sweet alluvia

in the idp at knit picks,

i knew i’d found

the way out from under

my growing pile of orphan skeins of ‘wool of the andes.

this is such a well written pattern,

and just by changing the colors or strap,

you can morph it’s personality completely.

next up for me of allison’s patterns

is litha from issue #13 of knitcircus magazine.

the little cables and eyelets of this hat are a wonderful combination.

i’ll be sporting one by the new year.

i just have to stop waffling and pick which worsted weight yarn to use.

‘different’ taken from 4:7 of 1st corinthians.


here it is,

called by the name of ‘beautiful’.

the latest version of the ‘kissed’ choker

knit up in fingering weight yarn this time.

(knit picks stroll kettle dyed sock yarn to be exact)

lots of pieces of my news yesterday had to do with the knit picks company.

in the morning,

stacey winklepleck posted an interview with me

on their community blog.

not everyone i deal with in the knitting world is wonderful to work with.

stacey is.

and there are now three of my patterns

much enjoying the company

of other indie patterns on the knit picks site.

‘line upon line’, ‘shines’ and ‘loved’ are looking forward

to another ‘friend’ of theirs

joining them

real soon.

now back to my needles…

‘beautiful’ and ‘delights’ are taken from 7:6 in the song of solomon.