i want to tell you a little of the story of ‘left hand lazy

and his yarn.  today is not the day for that.

vision therapy for my youngest,

parent teacher conference for my 9 yr old,

the library, the pharmacy, the grocery store and

looking locally (which means driving down roads in town

that i’ve never been down before) for places to shoot pics for upcoming patterns.

this day is already full up.

but, as a prologue to aaron and what he does,

here’s my very newest project swatch his east fresian yarn.IMG_7993urbthis stuff is rustic and real and i just love it.

the color is natural, the real color of the real sheep it grew on

and aaron worked individually with this particular sheep.

so cool.

’nuff said for now.

back to the business of the day.

‘roads’ taken from 49:10-11 of isaiah.