my first in five

i am

not actually

sure quite how it happened

that i have designed 33 sweaters in the last 5 years and

have not managed to knit a sweater from someone else’s pattern

for myself at all.

bah (or should i say ‘baaaa’).

shearer aaron loux has just changed all that.

he sent a sweater’s worth of his naturally dark blend of wools this week.

such a rich undyed color that’s also locally raised.

this stuff is gorgeous and rustic and perfect,

in my opinion,

for a boxy v-neck cardigan.

i’m gonna make ‘criss cross’ by isabell kraemer.

so very cool.IMG_2693

i swatched, blocked, and find that i am close to her gauge.

think i will probably go up a size

just to be sure

as i have a few more stitches to the inch than she did,

but close.

and my row gauge is spot on.

just got the automated call from the town

that tomorrow’s squall

has been upgraded to blizzard.

i know i won’t have much of a head for new writing

with the house full of my kids

all amped up on a snow filled school free day,

but i bet i can cast on and

begin this sweater.

can’t wait.

‘free’ taken from 49:21 of genesis.

beginning of the brrrr!

this is the time of year that finds me scurrying about

as i rack my brain trying to remember

the so called ‘easy to remember place’ where

i stashed all my fingerless mitts for the summer.

now there’s frost

on the lawn

while we’re waiting for the school buses

and despite being sure that i wrote myself a note so i’d remember

(don’t laugh, but i can’t find the note either. it’s lost, too!)

the tried and true mitts

are nowhere to be seen, but i’ve got these new rivi mittsIMG_2077+knit up in local shearer aaron loux‘s locally sourced bulky weight yarn

my hands are happily toasty

and one of these days i’m gonna fine the other mitts

and it’s gonna feel like Christmas all over again.

‘lost’ taken from 15:4 of luke.

it continues

the snow

just won’t stop.

flakes have been gently falling for two days

with a big 50 mph wind storm due to hit day after tomorrow

IMG_8701cropand drop over a foot more snow.

it was fun at first,

but has long since lost its charm.

so what do i do when

grey skies and blizzard warnings are


i block knit things.  truth.

because this weather gets my forced hot air furnace

in full swing and things soaked and pinned today will be ready to go tomorrow.


that kind of progress makes me feel

like taking a look out the windows

and still seeing

white snow on the roof of my neighbor’s white painted house under the grey white sky,

might just be bear-able.

(although it does make me growl a bit.)

‘truth’ taken from 13:6 in first corinthians.

 ‘allure fiber wash‘ courtesy of bijou basin ranch.

note: you know me and the strength of my convictions.

i am not one to be swayed by a little free bottle of fiber wash.

end result?  i really did like this stuff.  a lot.


i want to tell you a little of the story of ‘left hand lazy

and his yarn.  today is not the day for that.

vision therapy for my youngest,

parent teacher conference for my 9 yr old,

the library, the pharmacy, the grocery store and

looking locally (which means driving down roads in town

that i’ve never been down before) for places to shoot pics for upcoming patterns.

this day is already full up.

but, as a prologue to aaron and what he does,

here’s my very newest project swatch his east fresian yarn.IMG_7993urbthis stuff is rustic and real and i just love it.

the color is natural, the real color of the real sheep it grew on

and aaron worked individually with this particular sheep.

so cool.

’nuff said for now.

back to the business of the day.

‘roads’ taken from 49:10-11 of isaiah.